Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Anticipation has begun

So I have done lots of research online of San Pablo, and sheesh. I AM SO STOKED! I have sought out some friends of friends who have served there and am soaking up all the information they can give me. It is great. The more I hear about it, the more I know that my mission call is a divine call given from the Lord. I have read some blogs and these are their comments on the Philippines:

"this place. was more than good. spend some time there and it will steal your heart. gone. in a bag, kidnapped. your heart belongs there. that’s how much i love the philippines. one of the top 2 places in the world. in my opinion.... i kind of want to cry. i just want to go back. this place stole my heart. most of all. over everything else. it was the people that made the impression. they stop you on the street to see how you like their country. they are full of yes ma’am’s and will literally give you the shirt off their back. even if its their only one. the children run to you. all they do is laugh. and sing. and play. the town is filled with happiness, even though they have next to nothing. they see your boat pull up on their island and insist you join their picnic. they pour you their whiskey, give you their fish. they are the most. the most. wonderful people."

And another blogger said:

"Today we have been greeted by many with the few English words they know or just a huge smile. I cannot tell you how welcome we feel. Thank you Philippines for reminding me of all the reasons I have to smile."

I just have so many positive vibes from this wonderful place where I will live for a year and a half! Here are some pictures from a blog that make me excited to be in the Philippines

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