Sunday, March 30, 2014

Good Stuff.

We had zone conference this week!  But guess why I am so sad about it, because President Peterson wasn't there!!!  I was basically crushed because he is the best teacher ever but conference was really good.
We got some great instruction on the Sabbath day and helping our
investigators attend church.  We were counseled to pause before we partake of the sacrament this upcoming Sunday, and I did it yesterday!
  It was so cool, I really thought before eating the bread and drinking the water and I really chose to renew my covenant with the Lord that I am making apart of me (3 Nephi 20:8).  That is what the sacrament is all about, to accept Him and follow Him, and be ONE with him.  Try it.  Pause before and think about how you are making Him apart of you.

Also, there was the Kwan Challenge at conference.  That is the
obedience challenge.  All the missionaries stand up and they talk about different things we are supposed to do as missionaries and if you are not doing something they say, you have to sit down until the last man standing.  Me and my housemates won last time and Sister Johnson and I were the last sisters standing this time!!!!  But then a filipino elder outdid us because we didnt ask the people who were going to speak in sacrament meeting to invite their friends.  Darn it!!!  Proud that we still did well though!!

We also got starbucks before conference, it was so delicious and
expensive.  and so worth it.

Remember Mark our awesome investigator?  He moved.  We're sad.  He is now living with his in-laws.  Hope he continues with his conversion!

Yesterday, a member that I have been visiting for 5 months now finally came to church!!! I was on the verge of crying!!!! and then last night we had the most awesome lesson, with Joan and Al.  Al was baptized like 15 years ago and is the brother of the bishops wife. We've been teaching Joan for about a month now but this was our first lesson with Al.  The spirit was soooooo strong.  It is amazing that when missionaries will just get out of the way and let the spirit teach, the lessons are so much better.  It was so powerful.  They just kept saying they wanted to get back on the path, have faith, endure through their trails, be sealed, and be an eternal family.  I am soooo sad I will probably miss their baptism because I will be transferred, but they are just so wonderful.  And we were all crying in our lesson.

Finally I included my pics of Sister Johnson and I burning our ships. President told us about this figuratively but we did it literally.  We are supposed to try to get rid of the things that are distracting us or holding us down.  So I wrote all the things I want to get over and let those ships burn!!!!  Sister J almost burned her hand off too. LOL.

Ok love you all!!!
Sister Waldrom
3 Nephi 5:13

Monday, March 24, 2014


Great week.

Kenneth was baptized!!!  I forgot to mention that when in his practice
interview with us, we asked him if he had ever committed a serious
crime and he said yes.... my heart sunk.  I was like what could this
16 year old boy have done?  Then we asked him what it was and he said
he had drank... We were so relieved!!  That's not a serious crime!
It was so tender.  It was all good and his baptism was great.  The
youth came and supported him and sang in his baptism.  Lovely spirit
and testimony.

This week we met a Nigerian man here for school.  We were OYMing
him on a jeepney and he speaks English so it was cool.  Then we found
out he was a minister for his church... Rhapsody of something.
Sounded interesting.  But I liked this quote he said.  "My life alone
is a testimony."  He kept commending us for our desire to spread the
word of God.  He was so cool and had the biggest hands when we shook
hands...  I completely agree with his perspective.  The way we live should
represent how we follow Christ.
It should be a testimony in itself.  I hope others can observe that by
the way I live my own life.

Sister Sasuya's best friend who lives in Canada was the one who
referred her to the church and she came in town this past week!  So
I got to meet her, so sweet.  She is so strong and I am so thankful
for her sharing with the Sasuyas because they were a blessing and
example to me in my mission.   So in other words, EVERYONE OF YOU
that is out there, lets move on.

One of my favorite things to see on the mission is when investigators
receive a personal witness of the things we are teaching are true.  It
is the sweetest thing for them to receive that answer from the Lord
and know it for themselves without a doubt.

This week we met a family from Poland who is a diplomat in China on
vacation for the Philippines (what...) and they were like the rudest
people ever and it just sums up my love for Filipinos.  I can talk to
anyone here and they are ALWAYS nice.  I LOVE IT HERE.

Mom wanted some more details on my everyday life.  Basically here
goes:  Morning, 6:30 am.  Wake up everyday out of the deepest sleep
thinking it was straight 4 minutes my head was on the pillow.  Go
downstairs.  Sit down and try to wake up.  Do some exercises on the
cold tile.  Eat oatmeal.  And yes I am sick of it.  Then personal
study comes my way and I am happy.  I love reading the Book of Mormon.
I am in 3 Nephi and am loving it.  Then Companionship study. Then
Language study.  Tagalogggggggg.  Then lunch.  Adobo or PB&J are
usually my options.  Then we head out to work.  Our days are usually
booked with appointments but when we get punted (no one is home or
available) we go to our back ups.  Then we come home, plan, eat, and
die on our beds.  And then do it all over again.  WOOOHOOOO I LOVE

And I love all of you.  Life is swell and cant believe i have hit 10
months... Nutz.

Sister WaldromJohn 6:38-40

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Prayers do come true!

So can I first start with how I cannot believe how fast this transfer
went.  Time is FLYING.  I feel like I emailed just yesterday.  And
every night I sleep it straight feels like 7 minutes.  Surprisingly it
feels like enough sleep but it goes by so fast.  I feel bad for Sister
Johnson because she is still new but time is just slipping from her
fingers because me and her are just having too good of a time. :)  We
are so happy together.

I feel soooo thankful.  In our weekly planning, we were
like "Uhhhh, we need more investigators..."  Kind of a struggle
lately.  We started praying for some miracles.  And God has surely
provided for us.  We got so many quality referrals from the members
this week!  Looks like our training to the ward was a success!!!  I
just can testify that when you do all you can, God will provide the

This week we also got a new mission training plan.  Our focus is
increasing our number of investigators at church.  We have been
struggling with that the past few weeks, but then guess how many we
had yesterday?!  6!!!  We were soooooooo happy.  Like we couldn't stop
smiling during church.  And we are trying to help them really have an
enjoyable and spiritual experience.  It was a great sabbath yesterday.

So Kenneth is being BAPTIZED this Saturday!!!  Woooooo!!!!  We are
happy about this....  But seriously, he is so perfect, just really
understands the gospel.  He was definitely prepared before we started
teaching him.  So blessed.

So our investigator Mark is super awesome.  But get this, his son has
asthma and had to be in the hospital here for a few days and his bill
was 15000 pesos... this family really struggles with money.  Then the
fellowshippers we always bring to our lessons with their family came
back after our lesson and brought them dinner because they didn't have
any.  I was in awe of the kindness and friendship to this family. <3
We committed him to come to church on Sunday and he said he would.  We
were really sad when they didn't come to sacrament meeting, but then
when it came time to Sunday school, they came!!!  They said they were
late because they had to buy their two kids shoes first.... I LOVE
THEM.  Mark is preparing for baptism on April 26.  Please keep them in
your prayers that they can continue to progress, come to church, and
have enough money.

We also got a new referral, her name is Myra.  We started asking her
about what the role of God is in her life (also during this lesson, it
was incredibly hot and she didn't have a fan or chairs so i was
slipping in my own leg sweat on her tile.  Yes real life.)  But she
went on to tell us those story about how she got in a bad tricycle
accident when she was 11 and she almost died.  She said she was in the
hospital and she could hear her family and the doctors talking about
pulling the life support.  She said she could see a bright light and
then she saw her grandpa's face and her was holding a fruit.  I was
like, can this be any more scriptural?  And she said she kept
thinking, this cant be it.  I am not done living and her grandpa told
her she can have another chance.  Then we testified this is why she
survived, to hear this message of the gospel!  She is so excited to
read the book of Mormon too.  So excited to teach her!

I also got attacked my a flying cockroach.  Was i screaming?  Yes.
Was it an awful and unfortunate experience?  Yes.  Was it funny?  Yes.

So all is well here, seeing lots of progress and potential.  I love
Batangas and I love you!!!!

Mahal kita,
Sister Waldrom
Alma 58:40

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Gosh, seeing those pictures and hearing about the funeral is so good
and hard.  I wish so badly I could have been there to be with you all and
to give my love to Grandpa, but I have definitely been feeling his
presence here in the Philippines.  He has been here giving me pats on
the back and promptings that everything is going to be ok.  So the
weird thing is about all this is that I went to a funeral too on March
7.  In the other ward a member passed away from a sudden heart attack.
Our bishop invited us to attend the funeral, and it was just a really
bizarre situation for me.  I felt like I was there for my grandpa and
that the man who died was proxy of grandpa.  It was quite strange but
sweet for me to feel of the spirit and talks of families who are
experiencing the things that I am right now.  I really do feel ok, but
it is true that at times like these you just want to be with your
family, but I just cant right now.  I know I that this is what
the Lord would have me experience and I am thankful for every trial
that comes my way.

So last Monday we had our zone P-day which was super fun.  I love
being able to go places and just have a chance to have fun and get to
know other missionaries.  We went to this recreational center and
there was a cool pool (that i couldn't swim in...), bowling, and just
stuff... So good times!

So our investigator Aida is apparently going home to her province....
we had no idea she was just here on vacation visiting!  Something
definitely got lost in Tagalog translation which is basically the
story of my life. But her and her daughter Doods actually came to
church yesterday!  It was so awesome!  And they looooooooooved it.
Doods still lives here and she is coming to the Youth activity this
Thursday and we are going to try and keep teaching her.

We are teaching our Bishop's wife's sister-in-law.  In our first
lesson we taught her about the nature of God and prophets and she was
just crying in our lesson so we are excited to be teaching her.  Her
husband is less active so we hope to complete that family!
Saturday night we held our "Hastening the Work of Salvation
Training".  We planned it with our ward mission leader.  The other
sisters led a short discussion about missionary work, then our ward
mission leader led a workshop on how the members can do missionary
work, then sister Johnson and I discussed an action plan that will
help them.  Went well even though the active people who already give
us referrals were there. It was successful.

I sure love my companion.  Sister Johnson and I are just loving
everyday that we have together.  We are just big goofs and only some
Filipinos understand our humor.  haha but it is just great.

So all is well here and life is happy.  I pray for you all so stinkin
hard and I love you dearly.  Stay strong and keep the faith.

Sister Waldrom
Alma 37:44

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tender Mercies

What. A. Week.  So honestly this week was just not quite as successful
as I had hoped, a bummer.  But I am doing well.  So here is the low
down of how this week went.

Kenneth. So stinkin awesome.  He loooooves reading the scriptures and
is really excited to be baptized.

Vina and YanYan.  So great.  We taught them and they are so strong!
Vina just applied for a job in Kuwait and got the job, but then she
realized there were some parts about it that she didn't realize and isn't
sure what to do.  She seriously understands the doctrine of the nature
of God.  She is fully aware of how to give her will to the Lord and
trust in Him.  I told her that she really understands how much God
loves us and wants to help us more than any other person I have ever
taught.  After our lesson she started crying because she said we cant
get transferred... I was like, woah, we aren't leaving yet!!!  But we all
teared up.  We sure love her.

On Tuesday we were walking to catch a jeepney and a woman stopped us,
and told us she was a member.  We set an appt for Saturday and it was
such a great lesson.  She lives with another less active member and
they are in such great need of the Gospel right now.  They have many
trials. They must act on their strong faith and come to church!
Great lesson though.

We had new missionary check ups this week.  What a blast.  Got to see
my old companions and all my friends.  Sure love meetings when I can
see everyone.

Also, Saturday night our bishop took us out to dinner to the coolest
and tastiest native restaurant.  It was amazing.  I can't believe how
nice he is!  I loved it.

Ok so on Friday Night I received a surprise phone call from president,
he called to inform me that my grandpa had passed away.  My whole
mission I had figured I would receive that news eventually, but when I
did hear it at first it was like I was just hit by a semi truck.  I
was just speechless but President was sure comforting on the phone.
But what surprised me most was when he said I was allowed to contact
my family.  I asked him how, and he said the same way you did at
Christmas.  So I said Skype?  and he said yes.  What?!  What a dream
come true!  Of course I will skype my parents whenever I can!  It was
seriously such a great experience to be able to talk to both of you
Mom and Dad, to hear all the details from you yourselves.  It was such
a sweet experience for me.  I sure feel blessed to have been able to
hear that you are all ok, and so am I!  So don't worry about me here.
I am grateful that I know God's plan and that finally grandpa has the
opportunity to really listen to the missionaries.  My knowledge of the
Plan of Salvation has really been a comfort to me, like I am not even
emotional!  For anyone who will ever read this, I want you to know
that I don't know much, but what I do know is that God loves us and He
has a very special and beautiful plan for us.  I know I will see
Grandpa again.  Oh how blessed we are!  Well, I thank you for your
concern for me, but don't worry, I am doing so well!  I pray for you
and hope the funeral is a good experience.  Wish I could be there.  I
love you all dearly.

Mahal kita,
Sister Waldrom
Psalm 34:15-19