Monday, January 27, 2014

Family Complete. Life Complete.

It happened.  It really happened.  The Sasuya family was baptized.
And oh how sweet it was!  So basically the baptism itself was perfect,
over 40 people came, including President and Sister Peterson.  The
spirit was so strong and the memories flooded my mind seeing where
they have come since day one.  They have overcome so much: word of
wisdom, working on Sunday, everything!  I am so proud of them.  I
really don't know why I am so lucky to have taught such a perfect
family.  They are the most tender mercy from the Lord.  Our lessons
this week were also so sweet, about the Priesthood and enduring to the
end.  They WILL hold strong.  They have fellowship and strong testimonies.
I am just sad I can't be there the day they are sealed in the temple.  Gosh I
just love em.  Oh and their youngest son, wiped a booger on me after
our lesson, we were all laughing so hard even though it was so gross.

Ok so last Sunday we met a member who just moved into our ward.  He is
19 and from the Naga Mission and was baptized just last December 21.
He is some awesome!!!!  A recent convert, then when we visited him the
next day he had three referrals ready for us!  AND he had already
given them Books of Mormon and Pamphlets!  Oh my gulay.  He is
amazing.  So proud of his new beliefs and strong testimony. So blessed
to be associated with him to share with his own family and friends!

So we are teaching this awesome 19 year old named Jimmy.  We have been
struggling to schedule with him the past couple weeks, and then
finally on Wednesday we were able to teach him at the church.  When he
asked him what has been going on he told us that he is "in the process
of giving up."  He is going through a lot of trials right now and we
weren't really sure what to teach him since he brought up these new
concerns.  Then we just followed the spirit!  Sister Williams was supa
awesome at whipping out some sweet scrips to help him, but then we
basically taught him about the atonement and faith in Jesus Christ.
It seemed to be so much clearer for him!  He even came to church on
Sunday and asked one of his fellowshippers if he could baptize him,
hello commitment!  So excited for him, and he is totally applying the
atonement in his life.  Wow amazing stuff.

So this week, I got a cold.  It was really annoying.  And then
yesterday I had a full blown coughing attack in our lesson.
Thankfully I knew the members and recent convert well, but dang it was

And the weather is like freakishly cold here right now.  Like 80
degrees.  What?!  I LOVE IT.

Oh also had zone interviews, which means some quality time to talk to
President.  Ahhhh he has some magical power to make me feel on top of
the world.  I felt so good and pumped afterwards!  I just love being a

So overall, life is great.  Still love hearing from you all, so
letters are always welcome here.  Love you all!!!

Mahal Kita,
Sister Waldrom
Luke 4:18

Monday, January 20, 2014


 Just found out I am training again.  good thing at this point in my
mission, it doesn't scare me.  It's kinda just apart of life now.  So
this week was off the hooooook.  So glad to hear the Sasuya fam is
adding my fam on Facebook.  So yep, pretty bummed that
good ol Sister Hellewell has also left me.  Two of my compies are
goners.  And oh how I love them dearly.  They need to recover though.
Sister Williams is an awesome companion.  We get along great and she
actually laughs at my humor.  SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS ME.  Filipinos
never laugh at my jokes.  Must be the culture difference. lolz.

Ok.  So this is the week we have all been waiting for.  The Sasuya
family passed their baptismal interviews and their baptism is this
Saturday!!!  Are we making it the most wonderful baptism ever?  Yes.
Do we expect the whole ward to be there?  Yes.  Are we having our
stake president and bishop speak?  Yes.  And is our mission president
going to be there?  Hopefully.  And is sister Williams a professional
violinist and going to perform?  Yes.  So enough questions and lets
just say the baptism will be top notch.  I just cant even put in words
my happiness for this perfect family who has never missed a Sunday in
their whole time they have been taught, knows the truth, and are the
most Christ like people.  I wish you could all meet them.

On Monday we had a really fun Family Home evening with Vina and her
family.  It was awesome.  She is progressing and her daughter too and
we expect their baptisms in February!  They came to church yesterday
and are just doing spectacularly.

Last night we taught another awesome referral.  Erika.So great.  She
really wants to know the truth.  In her closing prayer she paused and
said, "God please help me."  It reminded me how we always need to be
like that in our prayers.  Not only in just time of need, we should
always be asking for His help and guidance.  So yeah, just a good idea
for you.

Also, we taught two recent concerts in the same lesson, Michael who is
16 and Darlene who is 16 too.  And every time we asked them a question
it was like a little competition of who has the better answer.  hahaha
I just love the new members of the church and how excited they are
about their knowledge of this truth!!!  I am so excited for them.  I
hope they never lose that fire burning within.

So life is great and I am really excited to tell you all about our
baptism this week.  I really miss you all but I feel blessed daily to
be apart of this great work of truth.  I don't know where I would be
without my mission because I know it has truly changed me and given me
direction of who I need to become in order to return to our heavenly
home with our Eternal Father.  Excited for the day I can give him a
hug and say with happiness and confidence, I did my best.  I love you
all and don't forget you eternal perspective!

Mahal na mahal ko kayo,
Sister Waldrom
Doctrine and Covenants 6:6

Monday, January 13, 2014


what. a. week.  So where to begin.  Tuesday I had a freak attack of baby spiders in my bag.  They were all over me.  We returned home immediately to exterminate them all.  Yes.  It was bizarre.  Then also on Tuesday, Sister Teaotai and Sister Hellewell returned from the Missionary Recovery Center, which was a very quick return that surprised me.  They came back in no better condition.  Sister Teaotai was in even worse condition.  She cant really work, let alone walk, so on Thursday the decision was made she needed to head home to heal.  We had a pretty touching cry sesh together.  I am so sad to see her go.  Sister Teaotai has blessed my life so much; she has taught me how to be Christlike.  It is amazing, her instincts are to do everything Christ would do.  She has a heart full of gold.  I already miss her so much.

Our Recent Convert, Michael, is doing awesome.  He is just loving being apart of the ward and young men's program and doing really well.  Vina is simply amazing.  So we went to visit her on Friday and the first thing she did was told us about her experience the night before.  She stayed up really late with a couple of friends and they were having discussions about life, god, family, the future.  They were sitting outside and while they were talking about religion they saw a huge shooting star with a lot of different colors.  They said it was beautiful; and right after Vina said thanks to God for his beautiful creation.  Then right afterwards they heard a big thunder.  Crazy thing was that the night was perfectly clear with no sign of rain.  But Sister Vina said she knew that God was listening to them!  She said it was a huge testimony builder that she knows God is closer than we think and He listens to us and loves us.  It lead us perfectly into his Nature and how he has given us the gift of repentance.  Awesome lesson with her.  SO excited for her and her daughter to be baptized.  :)))))  The Sasuya Family, ok they are perfect!!!!  Our lessons are a little bit more focused on their daughter because she has missed some of them and Brother and Sister are helping us teach her!  Ah it is so cool to see how their knowledge has grown and how they desire to help their daughter know too.  I love that family and wish with all my heart that I could be here for their family sealing but I know I will be long gone by then... :(

So President asked me to accompany Sister Teaotai back to Manila and was I so excited?  Yesssss. I honestly didn't know what I was going to be doing there.  But when we first got to the Missionary Recovery Center, I felt like I was in straight America!!!  And from the window there I could see the temple.  Ahhhhh.  6 months since I have been to the temple and boy it was a treat just to even see the outside!  It is a gorgeous temple.  The first thing we did was had a delicious lunch, then the senior couple there took us to the American Cemetery commemorating the WWII veterans.  It was made by the US government, and was a beautiful dedication.  Felt like I was in DC again.  Then guess where we went after that?!  THE TEMPLE. Oh man.  I was secretly hoping that I would get to go.... and God answered my prayer!!!  Man, I learned so much this session.  I think especially because my knowledge of the Gospel has just grown so much.  It was an amazing experience.   While in the Celestial room I felt prompted to share Philippians 4:13 with her and it was such a sweet moment for us.  I am so happy we got to end our companionship in the Temple.

Sunday we went to church in Quezon City and then President and Sister Peterson picked me up that afternoon.  I was so sad to say bye to Sister Teaotai.  But it was a great 2 hour drive with President.  Loved every second.  They got our Family Christmas card and they agreed about the resemblance between them and my own parents. hahaha and I cannot believe how big my picture is on the Christmas card!!!  You are too kind. Sure didnt feel forgotten. ;) 

Even though MRC was like staying in a resort for a weekend, I realized I can survive without fluffy towels, delicious food for every meal, washing machines, and air conditioning.  But the one thing I realized I miss most, is HOT SHOWERS.  OH MY GOODNESS.  What heaven.  You actually feel clean after!  And they are so relaxing.  I was only at MRC for 24 hours but I took advantage of the showers.  Before bed.  Then when I woke up, I thought, do I need a shower?  Not really.  Do I want to shower?  Oh yes.  Did I shower until the point where my feet were bright red and my fingers were almost pruny?  Yessssss.  It was glorious.  All you people at home, don't take hot water for granted.  I sure miss em.

Well, this week I will be in a trio with 2 Americans, Sister Williams and Sister Hellewell who was my MTC companion.  She is also heading home this week too because she isn't doing any better.  I am pretty crushed to see two of my companions head home early.  But I am so happy to be able to spend Sister Hellewell's last days with her!  Other than that, I am pretty excited to be able to be working normally again.  I miss normal missionary life. hahaha

I love and miss you all.  Read your scriptures everyday.  Can I just say that not only do I love the scriptures, I love myyyy scriptures.  That set of scriptures has been through everything with me.  The hard times, the good times, been there for every spiritual experience I ever had, and teaches me daily.  Sure don't know what I would do if something happened to them.  K, ingat lagi!

Sister Waldrom
Philippians 4:13

Monday, January 6, 2014

Perfect Paradise

Kumusta sa inyo lahat?!  Sobrang saya ako.  Seriously.  I am so happy here.  I am sad to say that Sister Teaotai and Sister Hellewell headed to the missionary recovery center in Manila, but they shall return soon.  It has been great to be fully working again.  The work here sure is harvesting and growing.  Sister Williams has become my companion- is a fellow BYU cougar is basically the coolest cat in this town.  We work AWESOME together.  Life is perfect with her.  We combined both of our areas and teaching pools and we are sooooo busy and we looooove it.  We have already found a good balance in our teaching and we have had some powerful lessons already.  I shall expound later.

Today we had our zone p-day at Lemery Beach.  Can i say GORGEOUS?! It was my first time to the beach here in the Philippines and man was it a treat!  I caught some great photos.  Hope you feel like you're in paradise with me.

New Years was cool... just kidding it wasn't.  We had curfew at 6 because Filipinos are crazy on new years and fireworks are everywhere and it is like WWIII i swear.  We watched the Joseph Smith movie, the Legacy.  It has a kiss in it!  So scandalous.  I consider it my new years kiss.  hehehehe

So yesterday our mission did a special fast inspired by an amazing talk.  We were to write down all the temptations and behaviors that poked at our spirits and write them down.  Then for the next 40 days, we will work on overcoming those weaknesses by prayer and earnest work and desire to change and focus on this work.  It was hard, and it will only get harder, but I am excited for this experience!

This week was so glorious.  Great lessons, great people, great companion.  So on Sunday, Brother Sasuya walked into church looking like a true patriarch of a family.  He is loving and completely taking on the role of a future priesthood holder, father, husband, and disciple of Christ.  He is an amazing example to everyone.  The ward literally LOVES the Sasuya family.  So many members have come to lessons to them with us and more keep asking if they can join sometime soon.  When this ward meets an investigator they don't let go and love them forever.  It is amazing, no one will really get lost when the ward cares and supports them so much.

Oh and we taught the Sasuya's about eternal marriage and they have committed to prepare to be sealed as a family in a year!!!!  Just a couple weeks till their baptism!!

Also the ward here is amazing.  They made a goal to be more reverent in sacrament meeting, and boy can I say that it was one of the most powerful and inspired testimony meetings I have ever attended? I testify that as we are reverent in church and listen to the promptings of the spirit, you truly will receive the peaceful feelings and blessings that the Lord promises.  You will more clearly understand the holiness and joy of the gospel.  You will walk out of church rejuvenated and ready for another week in His service. Our investigators had an amazing experience and I did too.  I am convinced this is the best ward in the Philippines.  And Cabuyao too. :)

I have been lucky to teach the other sister's investigator, Jimmy.  He is 19 and is simply awesome. He is working so hard to change his life and is going through so many trials as he does it.  But he just keeps pressing onward and does what the Lord tells him.  He went to church for the second time on Sunday and asked us if he could invite his friend... YES YOU CAN INVITE YOUR FRIEND!  Gosh he is awesome.  And he also gave his Book of Mormon to his friend so he needed a new one.... what?  Perfect.  Yes.

We have a lot of people progressing towards baptism.  I just can't explain my happiness, gratitude, and love for this work.  I know that as members help in this work, God's work will progress.  Missionaries must harness the members for anything in missionary work to progress, so I ask you, help the missionaries!  They need it!  I testify that as you do, you will experience lives change and your very own as well.

I love you all and am dreading the day I see you all again because I kinda don't want to leave the Philippines... no offense or anything... hahaha LOVE YOU!

Sister Waldrom
1 Peter 2:21