Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blessings in the Lord

Every week I am so thrilled to write you about my experiences here.
This week was sure a sweet one.  Vina and YanYan were baptized.  That
baptism was so so so so powerful.  Vina shared her pivotal experiences
in her testimony that helped her gain the strong faith that she has.
She has great faith, truly understands the power of repentance, and is
a great mother and example to her daughter.  The baptism was greatly
attended, just like the Sasuya's. :)  And Vina's sister put together a
small choir and they were straight amazing.  I was crying from the
strong spirit in the room.  Being a missionary and seeing your
investigators being baptized is the sweetest feeling ever.  And when
they specifically thank you for the things you have taught them and
the ways you have assisted in their conversion process.. is a feeling
like I have never experienced.  I just feel like all the work I do,
all the not so great days, all the rejections, the lack of sleep,
stress, and whatever possibly lame feeling you can feel on the mission
is all worth it!  These people have entered into the gate of the
straight and narrow path and that is all that matters!  There are two
new members of the true!  What a glorious day it is.
There were many tears shed in that baptism and all I can say is I just
love Vina and YanYan. :)

Before the baptism we got to work with the Youth in the ward.  Their
leaders wanted them to experience missionary life.  Sadly we only
taught one lesson with them. We taught one of our investigators
and talked about scripture study and then had each of them share their
favorite scripture and how it has helped them in their life.  It was a
great experience. I was so happy when Bishop pulled me aside and
told me that a less active we have been visiting was just interviewed
and wants to go on a mission and that we should start working with
her!  I am so happy for her and so pumped to work with her!!!
Kenneth, our 16 year old investigator.  He had a reading assignment
of 1 Nephi 4-8 and he gave us the most detailed summary without 
looking at his scrips and I was thoroughly impressed.
He will definitely be baptized next week.  And the ward is awesome at
fellowshipping him.  :)))))

The Sasuya's are perfect.  Jazlyn just got her results that she still
has cancer... They are so strong and rely so greatly on the Lord and
the gospel for strength.  I seriously could leave happy right now with
the people I have met and the work that has been accomplished in this
area.  Why are people so great?

I just wanted to share a couple lessons I have learned here.
Filipinos don't judge people.  They all live in such different
circumstances, whether they have nice homes or a shack, it doesn't
phase anyone.  They just accept each other.  When I meet people on a
Jeepney, you would seriously have no idea where they are from because
they all are so humble and don't outshine each other.  I want to
take that attitude home with me, I don't care what you have, where you
come from, but I care about how you are as a person (cheesy and
cliche) and accept you for all that you have to offer!  Working on
that, which is harder than it may sound.

Also, I just can't wait to come home and be a stinkin consecrated
member of the church!  I wanna magnify my calling, fellowship
everyone, and work with the missionaries!  I know you can all do it!
Also have been reading the stories of the sons of Mosiah in the scrips
and dang they are such awesome missionaries.  I wanna be like them.  I
recommend that you read about them.

Well, I have a cold again right now, any advice?  We had to take
new passport photos for a reason I don't know why, mom don't freak out,
but I think it is all good... So life is awesome and I feel so blessed
to be here.  I love you all and appreciate your support always.
Seriously love your letters, so keep em coming!!!!!

Mahal kita,
Sister Waldrom
Alma 26:35-37

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Valentines day is nonexistent in the mission. I loved my
valentines package!!!! I had a cool idea to use the valentines
you sent me and write on the back and give them to
people throughout the day!  Great idea huh?  Did it work?  Not really
because a group of kids raided me and took them all.  Soooooo I

So Vina and YanYan are being baptized on Saturday!  They are so awesome! 
We were talking about repentance and Vina said she has repented and
feels totally ready to be baptized and she was crying and I was crying.
It was powerful. She is so excited! 
Yesterday at church President Peterson came to interview her
and she is set to be baptized!  President says she is great, really understands
repentance is going to be a great member of the church!  And president told us
that we can teach her husband on skype who is working in Kuwait where
there are no missionaries!  He wants to be taught!  YESSSS!!!!
Completed family!!!!

We got a new and awesome referral from a member in the other ward and
she is so awesome.  SHe even cried in her closing prayer!!! So
excited for this quality referral.

So the Sasuyas.  They are going through some tough trials in their
lives and oh man they are true examples as you hold onto the
scriptures and pray with a sincere heart.  They are so strong and the
gospel has truly changed their lives.  I am so happy for them.

We actually got 5 referrals this week... That was awesome.

We have a 16 year old investigator preparing for baptism and we taught
him right after church with like 10 of the youth and it was the
coolest lesson ever!  I love you all!

Sister Waldrom
Alma 26:12

Monday, February 10, 2014


So everyday.  I learn so much.  First off.  I love my trainee, Sister
Johnson.  She is the funniest thing ever.  She is my own Kristen Wiig,
so we know how happy I am.  We have a good time together.

We taught the Sasuya family this week on Temples, Family History
work, and eternal marriage.  By the end of the lesson, I chose to
share my first experience in the temple.  I told them how I was the
last person to enter the celestial room from the session, and right
when I walked in, my family was there waiting for me.  I couldn't stop
the tears from rollin.  They were the big tears and I was just like...
oh no.  But it was a super sweet experience and strengthened my
testimony.  I am seeing how when the spirit really does teach in the
lesson, even the teacher learns.  The temple is the sweetest place on
this earth.  Truly centered on our Savior and families.  So excited to
return again.

Vina and Yan Yan.  Their baptism is February 22, my official 9 month
mark.  Crazy.  We taught them on baptism and confirmation this week
and the first question we asked was, "Why do you want to be baptized?"
And Vina immediately started crying... I stinkin love her.  She is so
cool and has the strongest testimony.  I met her husband who is in
Kuwait right now on skype and he said he will be baptized when he is
home too.  AHHHHH COMPLETED FAMILY.  Sad I prob wont be here
then. Then we taught her on Saturday and her sister who lives in Las
Vegas and is married and sealed in the temple, skyped in for our
lesson!  She even said the prayer and answered our questions and bore
her testimony.  So rad.  I love them so much and its a sweet bonus
that they feed us after every lesson and it is always delish.

We taught our recent convert Michael this week, and dang he is just
the little missionary!!! Preparing referrals like crazy!!!

So I took like zero pics this week, I am just really loving the
growth I am experiencing.  My Tagalog is going well.  I can say what I
need to and understand mostly everything except when they talk way too
fast.  And my teaching skills have improved so much.  By no means am I
a good teacher, but I am trying to master the inspired teaching
method, 1. ask inspired questions 2. listen 3. discern. 4. teach
doctrine to needs.  It is hard to really be good at but I am working.

Life is swell and its turning into hot season again!  love you all!!!
Sister Waldrom
Alma 19:6

Monday, February 3, 2014


Hi!  I am a trainer again.  I really like my comp.  She is hilarious
and we get along great.  But it is kinda crazy cause I live with 3
Americans from Utah and I am the oldest in age and in the mission so
it is weird cause I am like the top dog in the house.  And I really
have no idea how I got to this point, like being old in the mission...
I am almost halfway.  I am kinda really weirded out.  WOAH.

So on Monday we went to Sister Mondano's house who is like our mother
in the ward and she taught us how to make two Filipino dishes,
Sinigang (my fav) and Caldereta.  MASARAP!  (Delicious)  I am an
official Pinay.  (Filipina)

Tuesday, I went on exchanges with Sister Ika.  She is one of my
favorite people in this mission and this world.  She and I had some
deep heart to hearts and basically figured out how we are going to
work on being consecrated missionaries.  Which is way harder than it
sounds.  I am made a goal to think about Christ always.  If my mind
ever wanders, think of Christ!  He is the motive of this work and will
keep me focused with and eye single to the glory of god.  Plus I have
to rely on His enabling strength for me.

Transfer day. I got to see my other favorite people.  Aka President
and Sister Perterson, Sister Gaspar de Alba, Sister Smart and Elder
Merrriam.  I also got to drive for 3 hours with Elder Spezia.

We had an awesome lesson with the Sasuyas and Bishops family and they
are working to prepare some quality referrals.  Woohoo!  Love this

So I have been on my mission for almost 9 months and at this point I
still do not know how to balance my time on email and I am almost out
of time.  This week was great.  Some awesome lessons and our
investigators are doing well.  I just love life here.  Seriously so
happy.  I am not lying when I say that.  Things are going well,
maybe because I am serving in the promised land.  I love and miss
you all!  And I watched a man skin a dog and cut off it's head.  I felt
a little uncomfortable.  Keep on keepin on!

Mahal kita,
Sister Waldrom
Proverbs 29:18