Who got their travel plans yesterday?  THIS SISTER MISSIONARY DID!  Wooooooo!!! I leave next Monday, July 1st!  Right on time.  So stinkin pumped to fly to Portland, then Tokyo, then Manila, and then drive down to San Pablo!  It will be many long hours of traveling, but I couldn't have better people to do it with!  So pumped.  Ok now I will inform you on my true feelings.  I am so thrilled to finally be immersed in God's work.  I am so excited to be where God has called me to be.  I know that this is the mission that He wants me to serve in.  I am so humbled to have this opportunity, but man there are moments where I am a little terrified.  Some people say they are not scared at all, I think they are all wack.  I have never left the North American continent.  I won't have air conditioning, a washing machine, a real shower, or any of the simple necessities in America.  But if I have learned anything on the mission it is this: many people say the saying "forget yourself", but I say "leave yourself and never go back".  This mission is supposed to change a person's life; when a missionary comes home from their mission, they should not return to their old lifestyle, they should continue the ways they have lived on their mission.  Does that make sense?  I haven't even gotten to the Pilippinas, but I know I will always continue to live like a true servant of God.  I still don't know why I am so blessed to be a missionary in the Philippines, but I do feel incredibly humbled for this amazing opportunity.  I just have to keep remembering that this week and then I won't wet my pants out of nerves to leave.  I am mostly nervous for the communication barrier.  Gosh, I love Tagalog, but dang is it hard to say everything I want to.  GAH I AM SO EXCITED THOUGH!!!!! 9 days and counting! (in other words, I am ready to leave the MTC)
So something not so cool, I tore a muscle in my leg last week.  What?  Right when I start taking up running, this happens.  It happened two Monday's ago so when it didn't feel any better this past Tuesday, I wanted to be sure nothing was serious so I went to the doctor.  So glad it is just an inflamed muscle tissue/tear, but seriously, how long are these things supposed to take to heal?  I can't run cause it hurts and my body is starting to get restless. 
We had an amazing blessing come into our lives this week.  On Sunday one of the Districts left, but there was one sister who has been having some health problems and couldn't leave for the Philippines yet.  So she was reassigned to stay in our district.  She became my beloved Sister Mafi's companion since we were a trio.  My heart broke when I heard that she wouldn't be with me 24/7 anymore.  It is now just Sister Hellewell and I and we keep looking back for Sister Mafi but then we realize she is not our kasama anymore. :( But I couldn't be happier because we have inherited the one, the only, Sister Aruwititi!!! (pronounced ar-oo-wee-sees) She is is from the Kirabati Islands smack dab in the middle of the Pacific.  This sister knows how to make an impact on people's lives.  She is very softspoken, sweet, and gentle.  I have seen more examples of Christlike attributes in her than anyone I have ever met.  She has eye problems in one eye and has some other problems with her health.  She is in my room and gosh she is hilarious!  I was looking for her because she was my companion when we were on a split, and I was getting nervous... Then I see her walking down the hallway with a fresh cup of "cup of noodles" and I hollered, "There you are!  Where have you been?!"  And then she booked it into the bedroom and slammed the door!  I could hear her laughing and I was laughing sooooo hard.  Good thing I had a key, and I walk right in and she says, "Hindi Mabuti!" {no good} hahahahaha she is a gem!  So glad to have her join our companionship, we are like a quad now. 
Hard to think I have been out for a month today!  I still couldn't be happier.  Mom you mentioned how you don't think I am telling you how I am feeling (haha), I am being dead serious, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!  The MTC is so awesome and to think I will be doing this for realzzzz next week, is so nuts!  This week I felt old cause I got to host!  That is when you pick missionaries up off the curb and help them enter the mtc.  It was way less fun than I expected hahaha... But it was cool being able to serve these crying newbies.  hahaha Just kidding, but I hosted two sisters and I know they will both be amazing missionaries.  We got three new district this weeks, 20 sisters and 11 elders.  Ha!  Go sisters!  They are awesome, but I already miss our old districts so much!  Our zone was sooooo close.  But oklang, they will be amazing in the field!!
So tomorrow.  This is happening.  I get to sing for the prophet and his apostles.  I am so thrilled.  I am so grateful.  I hate singing, but it will be so worth it! So look for me!  I will be wearing a lighter/pastel green shirt (the one I wore when I entered the MTC).  I will wear my hear half down so it's not in my face.  Look for meeeeeeee!!!  So excited to hear from the prophet before I head to the field!!
Lastly, please remember this.  As missionaries, we simply "invite" others to come unto Christ.  You can do it too.  If you simply invite a friend to a church activity or to sacrament meeting, or invite them to read an article or invite them to do something, then what is the harm!?!   Remember, no one would be offended by a simple invitation.  That is something that I have learned this week.  Just do it.
Mahal kita at nagpapasalamat po ako para sa pagkakataon ito,
Sister Waldrom
Omni 1:26