Monday, July 22, 2013

I am learning so much

It is simply amazing how the Church is the same all over the world.  The church is amazing in that it has the same leaders, doctrines, and beliefs everywhere.  When I sit in church on Sundays, I almost feel like I am at home, then I look up and around at the people, and then I realize, psych!  You are in the Philippines!  Silly Sister Waldrom!  I just admire the LDS church.  It is so well established.  Oh yeah, and it is TRUE.  Oh how my testimony has grown here!  Basically because it is all that I can rely on... and the Lord through prayer.  I truly have learned so much.

I lovelovelove our investigators.  Seeing them understand and ask questions warms my heart. Something that has been hard on me is that we "reopened" this area so we had to find a whole new teaching pool.  I wish I was seeing more success sooner. I have to wait for the people we are teaching to accept.  We have already dropped a lot of people and they have dropped us.  That is always a sad moment.  It's ok because we always find new people to teach, but that just means that they just rejected their salvation.... (I just pulled out the big guns) But seriously!  How can you say no to this wonderful gospel?!  Are you afraid to read the word of God or pray?!  That is all it takes!! (Oh and keep all His commandments... that is actually really hard) But goodness, I just love the people too much to hear them say "Pasensiya, catolico ako.  Salamat."  (Sorry, I am catholic.  No thanks.)  We have some investigators who seems to be doing pretty well.  We taught a sister last night the second lesson on the plan of salvation.  This was our second lesson and we brought a couple from the ward that she said she already knew!  She already has a support system!!!  She seems to understand the doctrine, now it is a matter of praying about it and to know the truth for herself.  I am excited for her and I see a lot of potential!  We have many other investigators, but not much to report on yet.  We are teaching a part member family's son and he came to church on Sunday!  He could be our first baptism.  He is ten and sure is a cutie.  He is real quiet so we shall see!!!

The Philippines are truly a blessed country.  They live such simple and great lives here.  They see the importance of family and religion.  I love the culture and the traditions.  I can't wait till the day that I can speak fluently and learn all about everyone's lives. That has been really a struggle this week. Mostly because I have been here for about 3 weeks and I am simply not fluent yet!  (haha) It's a constant personal battle.  I don't complain much to my companion, but I wish I could understand what people say to me.  I wish I could communicate. I guess my best effort is my short sentences, smile, and my heart.... cheesy but true.  

I am loving it here.  I hope this week we can have some more stories of spiritual progression, but hey, those will come.  Also, it just started POURING out of nowhere.  So that's cool.  I LOVE the rain.  I need some more umbrellas.  I love my crocs.  I love the food.  I love the transportation.  I love the members.  I love the people.  I love you all!!!! Thank you SO MUCH for all your support and love.  Remember that you are a Child of God and He gives you trials to help you grow!  Be sure you handle every situation in a Christlike way because if you do, He will bless you beyond belief!! (Romans 8:18)  Keep the faith burning!!!!

Mahal kita,
Sister Waldrom 
Doctrine and Covenants 58:16


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