Well I will just say the highlights this week:

Zone interviews.  I cannot tell you what a blessing it is to have President Peterson as my mission president.  He is an incredible man.  I was really looking forward to going in and asking him what to do about my different concerns and such, but he already knew them all!  He just started giving me counsel and what I could do or change.  He told me how I need to listen and discern.  Asking inspired questions is critical!!!  I am so grateful for the counsel of president.  He is a wise and inspired man.  I truly felt his love and care for me and it is exactly what I needed when I feel like I have no one to listen to me... (besides the Lord haha)
A member said this to me, marveling at my white skin, "You need more sun, and I need more moon." hahaha I tell ya, everyone still stares and takes pictures.  It is flattering yet very awkward.
As for investigators, we extended the baptismal invitation to two people!  And both rejected!  We're working with them, they just don't feel ready.  I actually teach a lot more in English than you would think.  But I am working on my Tagalog.  I love it more and more here.  I hope life is treating you all well.  I miss you dearly and love you tons!  I heard about how Prince William named his son after George, wow, who would've thought that our family would be connected so closely with royalty!  Cool!  hahaha ok Ingat po kayo!
Mahal Kita!!!!!
Sister Waldrom

Doctrine and Covenants 112:10