Ok, so I love it here! The language is still rough.  I can understand a lot, but I don't know how to reply to a lot because I feel embarrassed about how I don't speak well.  Thankfully alot accept English, but I am trying!!!  I can receive dear elders, letters, and pouch so write me!  I got a letter from the US in 9 days!!!! Holla.  I love district meetings.  They are a highlight in the week!  So grateful for them.  I love having my friend Sister Smart from the MTC to help cope through all this change.  I only get 1 hour and 15 mins to email and also email my mission president.  This time is so stressful for me cause I had 28 emails in my inbox.  Oh how I love you all! 
I feel like I am on my favorite ride in Disneyland 24/7.  The jeepneys are so jerky and crazy and life here is just fast and wild! 

Even though I already said this, I LOVE the ward here!  They have come out with us so many times and when they join in on a lesson and add another witness, it makes such a difference.  Being in this City is an amazing blessing.  I love it here.  I could stay here for 18 months.  There is so much land to cover and so many things to do. 
Our lessons this week have been wonderful.  It is amazing to see where the spirit leads us and who He has us talk to.  I don't always know why He puts us in some people's pathways, but I know there is always a reason.  We were looking for a less active in the rain, but they weren't home. We had some time to spare, so we were walking, and I felt an inkling that we should stop at this house.  We said "Tao po" (person in tagalog, you don't knock, just holler for a person to come out) and this mother let us in and gladly accepted our message.  I really hope she prays and knows the truth for herself.  Pray always for our investigators.  I love them all so much.  Honestly, here are just some pics of what has been going on.  This week was a lot of first lessons.  I am sure next week after we follow up, we will have some more amazing stories.
To answer some questions, the food is so great!  I love Porksilog.  It is rice, a poached egg, and fried chicken. It costs about 43 cents in American money.  The bread here is to die for. And the Mangos are unreal.  I want to eat them all the time. The heat is bearable and I LOVE the rain. 
I have felt your prayers tremendously.  I was really struggling, but all those fears are gone now and I know that is the answer to your prayers.  Thank you for your prayers, love and support.  I miss you all so much and pray for you all!!
Sister Waldrom
Morgans BYU friend, Madeline who
will serve in Argentina this fall.