Monday, August 19, 2013

Best week yet!

Kumusta y'all?!  Mabuti naman.  Living and loving life here in Cabuyao.  Just doing my best to find people who are prepared for this amazing gospel that is just waiting on them to learn about it and accept it.  So yeah.  But this week I had some pretty amazing experiences. 
First, President Peterson visits sister missionary's companionship study sometimes.  So we invited him, but he felt inclined to tell us that he was on his way without a heads up.  So my companion kinda freaked out because she knew she was about to get a "nosebleed" from speaking so much English (a term that they use here when too much English hurts their head, lol).  So he came over with his assistants and practiced with us.  And oh man.  President Peterson is the most inspired man.  He just knows everything!  He taught me so many things I can improve on and do better with.  He helped me really understand the importance of asking inspired questions, being bold, and helping investigators gain the desire to read the Book of Mormon.  So shortly after his visit, we had an appointment with a new investigator who we have only taught once.  We felt that we should teach on the introduction to the Book of Mormon.  Thankfully, she and her son speak English, so I was very happy to participate more.  Then during our lesson, we applied the thing President taught us.  WE asked those questions that pierced their hearts, we helped them understand, and boldly asked them to be baptized.  And you know what, they said yes.  In just our second lesson.  And what surprised me most was that we invited them to church for the following day, and they came.  We actually helped them gain the desire to come!  I am so glad we are finally figuring this all out!  But something that really touched me, was at the end of the lesson, the sister said to me, "you know, the reason I really want to know if this is true is because I can the light in your eyes.  You know this is right.  I want that too."  Well, I don't say that to say Yay me!  But I mention that because when we live this Gospel, others can see it.  They can see the light of Christ within us.  We all need to have that light. 
So we visited Sister M's investigator because she was our companion this week since Sister S left.  We visited a sister who is just 20 years old, married, and has a two year old son with cerebral palsy.  This woman is simply amazing.  She comes to church every week 15 minutes early, even though everyone else is about 30 minutes late (it's the culture).  She cares for her son who is so sweet all by herself cause her husband works so much.  Oh man, she just breaks and warms my heart.  She doesn't have much money, but she has great great faith.  She said in the lesson that she knew God gave her her son because he knew she could do it.  Then she committed to baptism.  I just love her and thought I would share that there are outstanding people in this world.
Now for cool stuff.  I was asked to speak at a funeral.  What?  Yes.  It is true.  After being "panted", which means our investigator wasnt home, we were walking and bishop drove by and asked us to come to the funeral of a members aunt.  So we went and he asked me to give the spiritual thought.... I spoke Taglish and shared Alma 40:11-12.  Yep, it was in their house with the open casket right there. Loved it!  Strong family, no one even cried.....
I have officially survived my first transfer!  And now we have a new sister living with us, she is Filipina.  So, now I live with all Filipinas and yes they constantly laugh at me.
And a typhoon is coming?!  Cray!  The rain is POWERFUL.  Soaked. Everyday.  Love. It.  Good thing I am far from the coast, so we just feel the effects from the weather. 
Ok I just love you all!  Praying for your well beings and hope you are all happy.  Keep the faith!
Mahal kita,
Sister Waldrom
Acts 14:22

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