Hello from Cabuyao!  Life is swell.  Missing laundry machines, music, and air conditioning more than ever, but you know, it's all good in the neighborhood!  We had the most powerful session of stake conference on sunday.  The Area President, Brent Nielson, came and spoke.  He gave a powerful talk on the atonement and how Christ is the healer of our hearts.  He performs any and every kind of miracle so never forget to trust in Him!  Also, President and Sister Peterson spoke on hastening the work of salvation.  Loved their talks.  His Counsel: pray for names to invite and do not judge them for what they may think or who they are.  Follow the spirit and He will follow through! 
We also went to ward FHE.  Ok these Filipinos know how to have fun!  The games are so wild and everyone gets into them!  I actually got a headache from laughing so much.  These people are the best.  I love this ward and will miss them. Thankfully I have another transfer here! 
I am almost done with my first transfer! Wow!  Word on the street is that I could potentially be training after my first 12 weeks... Kill. Me. Now.  I dont know this amazing language.  We all know how my brain works... not always the fastest learner.  I could train... but not teach!  Yikes! 
We got two new amazing investigators.  Sister Corales lives in a small home about the size of my bedroom at home with her Parents and three kids.  Her husband recently died from an accident at work where a building crushed him.  My heart just aches for her!  I am reallllly excited to teach her again tonight about the plan of salvation.  Don't worry, I will bring tissues.  She is really receptive and I told her last time how it was such a blessing to meet her and she looked at me confused.  But man, she is just an outstanding daughter of God!  God's love for her is infinite.  Amazing.  Also got another new investigator.  We picked her up from some sisters who taught her a few months ago and we finally found her after trying this whole transfer!  She is amazing!  She is already reading in Alma and I was so sad we didnt find her sooner!  She is a young mother and I am really excited to help her progress as well. 
Also attached is a pic of our awesome new companionship shirts from a member.  The guy is Ninoy Acquino.  The president of the Philippines father?  Dont ask me why he is famous, he just looks cool. 
Also, I finally got my fill of kittens at an investigators house.  Oh how I miss my kitty!  Love you Raja!  hahahaha
Ok, I just love you all.  The Church is the only true and living Church on the earth.  It is living because we receive revelation from the opened heavens through our prophet, Thomas S. Monson. 
Sister Waldrom
John 6:35