General conference.  The best.  Oh man, every single talk was spectacular.  It is true, conference in the field is a different kind of experience.  I have been looking forward to absorbing all that advice and encouragement for so long now.  I just felt so spiritually full afterwards.  Didn't you love President Monson, President Uchtdorf, Elder Maynes, Elder Scott, and Elder Soares talks?  So gooooood.  And President Peterson surprised us and showed up to our chapel for the Sunday sessions, love that man, it was a pleasure to see him.  I love how President and Sister Peterson openly say I love you to all the missionaries here, I know we all feel their love.  But what I really learned from conference is that God needs to be everyone's priority.  If he is not, life is going to be a lot harder for you.  I have learned that.  When you seek to draw closer to Him, there is a difference in your life.  I also wrote a post it and taped it on my desk and it is from President Uchtdorf's talk.  I wrote, "How is your walk with Christ today?"  Good daily reminder. 
So this week was great, but a little slower than last week.  We had Ward family home evening on Tuesday.  Oh my goodness, these Filipinos make me laugh so hard.  The games are SO fun with them.  (Side note: it literally just started pouring outside, I can't even hear the sounds of my keyboard... its intense... and I almost left the house without an umbrella cause it was sunny when I left... classic.)  But it was a good time with our amazing ward.  Love them all.
So we have two kids with a baptismal date.  Their parents were less active and are now returning.  But when we extended the baptismal invitation, Brother said he wasn't ready.  But he has been meeting with Bishop and is now preparing to baptize his children!  So excited for them!!  And then they will be a competed family.  Awwww, so precious. 
M is progressing really well, she is so strong and is gaining a testimony.  Little did we know that the baptismal date was the day before the one year anniversary of her husband's death.  I know that God literally does everything for a reason.  So excited for her. 
Typhoon season ova hereeeeee!  Lovin on the ulan (rain).  It is crazy nuts, but crazy awesome.  And really bipolar.  But my area doesnt really get affected too badly thankfully.  I just get the great overcast weather and rain, but no destruction or anything.  It is glorious. 
Ok funny story, as you can see in pictures, there was a HUGE spider on our ceiling.  Probably the size of a roll of bread.  Ew.  I hate spiders.  Us three Americans in the house freaked out, then Sister Asuncion, our only filipina said, "Sisters, it's ok, I used to play with these as a kid!"  EW HECK NO.  Get it outta here!  So she got the broom, then it fell and went running, and all the americans stood on chairs.  then she moved some furniture around and finally got it with the broom against the wall, but oh wait, it had a huge egg sack on it.  Then the egg sack got detached and cracked open and then all the little babies went running!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!  I was about to gag at this point.  Then we got the permatox, (bug poison) and destroyed all of their little new born lives.  But mama was still running around the hose, eventually we got it, but it was an overall very traumatic and disgustingly hilarious event. 
So overall, this was a good week.  We also went on exchanges where you always learn so much.  I love learning from the examples of the older missionaries.  I still feel so new, even though I am coming up on my 5 Month mark?!?!?!  I love my companion, we get along really great and are working really hard!  Loving life here.  I miss you all and don't forget to study the conference talks again, because President Monson was right, that was a very powerful conference.  I love you all and keep the faith!
Mahal Kita,
Sister Waldrom
Alma 18