I am jealous that you have already finished watching conference. I must wait another week to listen to the Prophet's voice and I cannot wait! 
This week could be considered the best week of my mission.  First of all, with two 19 year old American girls roaming around the Philippines, we have had a great increase of whistling, hellos, and creepy people taking pictures. 
This week I learned that prayers can be answered.  I have been really anxious for some progression in this area. It has been really slow since we opened here.  This week picked up like no other!  Monday started with a great lesson with M. She has rejected baptism twice already but we couldn't give up on her.  She is the investigator whose husband was killed in an accident at work with a building crushing him.  She lives in a home with her parents and three children.  On Monday, she told us she received an answer to her prayer and she knows that the Book of Mormon is true, that the Gospel is true, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. The spirit was so strong.  We taught her again on Wednesday on the Atonement and how the first step to applying the atonement in our lives is by taking the first step to following Him through Baptism.  She accepted!  So amazing.  We also invited her to the Relief Society Broadcast on Saturday and she was so excited to come, it was adorable.  She loved President Monson's talk and told us how she could feel something special about him.  Then we gave her a church tour.  She loved all the art in the hallways, it was a great experience for her.  Then she socialized with the members after, I think she had a really wonderful experience.  It is just so humbling to see people really come closer to Christ through the gospel. 
Then on Tuesday we went to a less active family's home and taught the two younger children who haven't been baptized and committed them to baptism!  The family has committed to return to church and we are going to work with the father to prepare to baptize his children.  So excited for them.
Ok lastly for our progressing investigators, on Friday we went to visit a referral that we have only taught once.  We have tried returning twice, but she wasn't home and it has been three weeks since we taught her.  We gave her a Book of Mormon on our first visit and assigned her to read the Pambungad (Introduction).  When we visited her on Friday, she just said she knows it is true.  These past few weeks have been a little hard, and she has just read the Book and prayed about it and she knows it is true!  Uhhhhh.... what?  We haven't even taught you about it and you already love it?!  M YOU ARE AN ANGEL STRAIGHT FROM HEAVEN.  This woman is amazing.  She knows the Church is true and wants to be baptized. We didnt commit her to a date because she wants to talk with her husband because she wants her whole family to be apart of the Gospel.  Ok M, we will gladly let you talk with your husband so you can all be together forever!  So happy for them.  She is literally amazing, humble, and wonderful. 
So obviously, things are getting better and I can't complain!  Our numbers are improving, my language is improving, and I just feel so much happier.  Honestly, the Gift of Tongues is amazing.  My ability to speak just comes so much more naturally and I can actually understand.  Just working everyday to improve my vocabulary.  So thankful. 
And lastly, being a trainer/nanay.  I love it.  I love my anak. She is great.  We are really getting to know each other and we get along great!  We are working hard together and she is doing great.  I attached how I am kinda a hardcore trainer.  Yep, I am just like my own mother.  With all your lists of rules and schedules around the house as I grew up, I am becoming my own mother. hahaha
So overall, a great week.  Really looking forward to conference, bummer I am on the other side of the world and have to wait a week.  But I love you all and stay strong.  God is proud of you when you keep the commandments!
Mahal kita,
Sister Waldrom
Alma 29:9