Sunday, October 27, 2013

Where did October go?

Ahhhhh, this was a dec week. (Picked up dec from my comp. shortened version of decent.  I dig it.)  We got to teach M again!  She was the investigator who knew everything was true but wanted her fam to all be apart of it.  We got to meet her husband too and hope things will progress with them.  She is so awesome, she has so much faith.  We helped resolve her concerns and questions about the Restoration and read in 3 Nephi 11 and she loooooved it.  Oh and after our lesson, she walked us out to pick up a tricycle and we saw some people running and I could sense the vibes.  Not good.  Come to find out, there was a knife fight around the corner.  Yeah we booked it out of there, and we survived! 
Last week we had our family mission plan fireside.  Then Tuesday we went to the T family whose kids are being baptized next weekend, and the first thing the 13 year old son said to us was, "Meron ako isang referral para sa inyo!"  AH IRVINE. YOU ARE ADORABLE.  He gave us a referral of his 12 year old classmate who lives in the next city over so we cant teach her, but we sent it to the other missionaries.  So tender!!  So the point of it is, if HE can give missionaries a referral, YOU can too!!  Love those kids.  And so pumped for their baptism next weekend!  Love bringing people into this amazing gospel.
We also taught M this week.  Last week she brought up her concern of not knowing why she had to join a different church... we were like uhhhh, have you been listening to our lessons?  We returned with some plans to help her, but the lesson kinda went haywire.  That was the first time I walked out of a lesson kinda sad with the result.  We returned with the Bishop's wife because she is also a convert from the Catholic church. She helped her really understand the blessings of baptism and the gospel in her life.  Then we asked her at the end if she felt that baptism was the right thing to do (she had been praying about it for a few weeks...) and she said YES.  Oh, my heart almost exploded.  So she is pretty set in stone for baptism.  Bless that wonderful woman.  Just gotta help her be faithful to church attendance and she is set! 
I can't even explain how my LOVE for the scriptures has grown in the past 3 weeks!  Basically in my spare time, I read the bible dictionary... Have you ever done that?  It is literally fascinating!!!!  Take a moment, you might learn a thing or two.  The scriptures are so helpful, interesting, and a blessing for us sent straight from God.  Just finished 1 Nephi today searching for scriptures about faith.  Loved it.  There were so many, Nephi was so faithful to the Lord and such an example to me.
This week we also had new missionary check ups!  Sister Gaspar de Alba thanked me afterwards for being the trainer that I am. :') Tender moment.  She is the best trainee I could ask for.  We are literally always on the same page and our lessons just flow like crazy.  Good thing we should have another transfer together.  Love her.  She also likes to quote my "Waldrom One Liners" as she calls it. hahaha
Also, this week we went to the grocery store and I saw CRISPY M&M'S!!!!  Does anyone else remember those?!  I remember they made them when I was like 10 and then stopped and we loved them at our house!  Then I also remember signing a petition at BYU for this girl who wanted to bring them back. lol. I found them here and they were delish to the max.
Elections are going on right now.  And we were taking a tricycle to an appointment.  And then we straight up got stuck in a parade.  And then everyone was screaming and staring at us white people.  And it was really awkward.  I hate all the election trucks with the tremendously loud music that blows off my ears.
Also, the most Christ-like person I know, Sister Meti, came to our house for exchanges.  She is from India and is in my district and made us the most legit Chicken Curry.  Yes, it totally cleared my sinuses from the spices and I loved it. 
I miss you all so much and I am just pressing forward here in CabuyaoMahal Kita,
Sister Waldrom
1 Nephi 22:30-31

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