Monday, July 14, 2014

Rise to your call

Yooooooooooo.  How are you all?!  I am good!  This transfer ends this week.  Officially three left!  Well that hurts my brain!  

Hey remember Gina who I told you about last week?  She is awesome.  And so are her kids.  They have a baptismal goal date of August 30, and when we extended, her daughter immediate said, "What time?  Because I have school from 9-11..." hahaha ok, no worries, we can work around your schedule!!!  They are awesome.  Progressing too.  Sadly they didn’t come to church yesterday but thirty minutes before church started, there was a torrential downpour that even turned the power off in the church for a solid 40 minutes.  Shoot. The Philippines.  

Mom keeps asking about the Jimenez Family.  They are ok, but not progressing right now.  I really don’t know what to tell you about them.  Just keep them in your prayers.  We are visiting them tonight in hopes to resolve their concerns, I still love them and see a lot of hope.  I just think their conversion process will not be a quick one.  Their time is coming!

I went to Santo Tomas to work with Sister Beaumont.  The other sisters in this zone were transferred there because they had a stalker... yup.  So we went to help them reopen their new area!  It was a great exchange.  She used to be my housemate and it was so great to have the chance to work with her.  I really learned from her how to love every person you meet.  She has a lot of love in her heart!  

We had missionary leadership council this week.  First time with President Mangum, wow!  He is amazing!  And definitely feeling new.  It is an interesting adjustment for me because President Peterson had everything down to a tee on how he ran things, but President Mangum is still receiving revelation of what he should do.  I sustain him and see how he is going to help this mission.  I feel blessed to be able to be a leader that can help him as he starts everything up.  In our meeting he had a really cool idea for each of us, he said, "On a new piece of paper write at the top: things I will do.  Then write numbers 1-5.  During the meeting write down impressions of things you need to do.  Then after this meeting, go do them. So here are my thoughts that I would like to share with you so maybe we can all do them together!  

1. Turn outward.  We need to keep our "eye single to His glory."  And not get stuck in the "I" troubles.  We need Him every hour.  As we fall to our knees and seek to do the Lord's will, our eye will stay single.
2. Plan better for having ideal situation lessons (Page 160 of Preach My Gospel).  That means doing better to have a member and their referral in a lesson together.  It makes all the difference!
3. Come to understand God's long suffering and mercy more.  Read Doctrine and Covenants 121 over and over again.  Become a better leader, parent, person.  
4. Don’t hide from mistakes, resolve them.  (2 Nephi 9:41)
5.  Budget my money and live within my means

Also President sent out a great talk that can all help us in our church callings.  I will attach it and you should all read it!

Our Nigerian neighbor stopped by to give us the water bill.  He gave us his pamphlets from his church so I decided we needed to give him some pamphlets too!  So yesterday I gave him some pamphlets and he asked if we had an extra bible and we told him we didn’t at the moment but then we gave him a Book of Mormon instead!  He said he would read it!  Booyah!

Also I was reading in Ether this week.  Man, the Brother of Jared is such a winner!  My companion, Sister Wilson, and I were discussing him and my main thought was, do i need to see Christ to gain the kind of testimony, faith, and perfect knowledge that he had?  As I pondered, I thought about how obviously, when you see Christ all doubt is gone, but I do believe we can reach that level too.  We need to humble ourselves.  As the Brother of Jared prayed he knew his unworthiness and nothingness, but he was still strong in his faith.  Let us all come unto the Lord with humility and he will strengthen us as well.  

This week I am really looking forward to working all week in our area with Sister Wilson.  Like unto Moses we will fulfill our purpose!!!!!!  Hoorah for Israel!  I love you all!

Sister Waldrom
Proverbs 28:1

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