Monday, July 7, 2014

Pressing forward.

Welcome President and Sister Mangum!  I love them!  We had a special zone conference on Friday and they introduced themselves, shared stories and pictures and it was super great and happy.  Sister Mangum actually walked herself right up to me and said, "Sister Waldrom!  I have heard of you!"  I was star struck but it is pretty cool that she is a Jarvis!  The Mormon world is a very small world....  After the conference I asked President Mangum for a priesthood blessing.  Lately I have been feeling a little lost in my thoughts and needing some direction and counsel from the Lord.  I learned some cool things that I wanted to share with you.  President blessed me with the ministering of angels... again.  President Peterson also mentioned that in my other blessing.  I promise you that I have felt those angels dozens of times on my mission.  This time I was particularly blessed with the angels of my loved ones.  I couldn't stop crying because of the thought of all the people I love who have passed on have been here with me all this time.  I know that too because I am in a pretty sketchy country roaming around often with a missionary who is newer than I am.  ANGELS ARE REAL.

Also a fun thought I realized is that never again in my life will I be receiving the amount of prayers that I am. Every temple session around the world they pray for the missionaries, many members of the church do, and I know that my friends and family do as well.  Gosh, I feel those prayers so much and it helps me desire to work harder too, Thank you for praying for me.  I can't do this work alone and I know those prayers are giving me strength to do the Lord's work well.  Please continue to keep our investigators in your prayers, I know they will feel them too.

We taught a new investigator on Saturday, Gina.  We started the lesson asking her, "How important is family to you?" and she said "Very very important..." Then she started weeping.  We didn’t know what she was going to say but then she went on to tell us how her husband is not perfect. She just cried and cried and her 4 year old son was just looking at her with sad eyes and his hand on her knee as he sat on a basketball.  I couldn’t help but feel for her.  She knows God has helped her through this and we taught her a nice lesson on how the Gospel will bless her family.  She committed to come to church the next day.  We went and picked her up and she and three of her kids came!  We were a little late for church but it was awesome for the whole ward to look at us and see these new shining faces in the ward!  It was fast and testimony meeting and you never really know how those are going to go... But it was perfect!  It was so focused on family.  And afterwards, Gina gave me the biggest smile ever and said "It is so happy here, I will bring all my kids next week!"  She loved it!  I loved it!  Such a great experience.  I hope things continue to go well considering we have only taught her once!  

I also went on exchanges with the WONDERFUL Sister Ramsey!  She has been super sick and so we actually didn’t get to go out to work, but I basically pulled her life story out of her.  AND she was an answer to so many of my prayers and I know to so many of my mother's prayers!  She was a freshman mentor at BYU and she gave me sooooooo many school tips!!!  Goodness, I am pretty excited to be a better student when I return to school.  

Ok I love you all!!  Stay strong!  

Sister Waldrom
3 Nephi 9:13-14

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