Monday, July 28, 2014

Press Forward with Faith

Week one of this transfer, I would say it was a great success!  Progressionnnn! (imagine me singing that in one of my happy sentence sing voices) We are happy.  And we are have a bright future ahead amidst all the clouds in this country!  

First off, just got news that our investigator in my last area was baptized!  Shows that conversion processes take different times for everyone.  So happy for Doodz!  Sister Williams found her sister when she was talking to someone on the side of the street and then we taught the family.  And now Doodz is baptized.  The Gospel is amazing!  

Remember our investigator Gina?  Yeah she is wonderful on every level.  We are basically teaching their entire family, 6 kids, but the father is just never around!  But we taught them three times this past week, we taught: the plan of salvation, the doctrine of the Sabbath day, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our lesson on Saturday night was just so sweet.  The spirit was so warm, even though we were reading 2 Nephi 31 in her doorway (she sat against her door with her kids and we sat on a small bench facing them) and we used my flashlight to read.  They really understood the doctrine of Christ and they came to church the next day!  We went to pick them up and man, they were all ready to go!  Waiting for us even!  So at church we put in a little extra work and told the bishop their name that they announced during sacrament, told everyone to go say hi to them, and they welcomed them into each of their classes.  They LOVED church, especially Eddielyn in Primary. :)  Some of the kids didn't come yesterday so we hope they all come next week!  They are progressing, reading and praying.  Just working on that true personal witness for each of them.

Also yesterday at church, the other sisters in our ward had a lot of investigators at church!  We are so excited to finally have this area progressing!  Our gospel principles class was the biggest I have seen here!  Things are changing here in San Pablo!

I got to go on exchanges with my fellow housemate, Sister Kekauoha from Hawaii.  She is so legiiiiit.  I learned a lot from her, she has such a good working mentality.  She just goes with the flow, follows the spirit, and when we get punted and cancelled, she is still happy and seeks for something else to do!  I love that.  We had a great working day and we reached all or key indicators and even surpassed some.  What a great day!  

Some things I would love to share with that I have learned here on the mission:

Servitude.  I love being a true servant of the Lord.  I am here to serve Him and no one else.  I have learned that is my purpose.  I have absolutely nothing better to do here in the Philippines than to find, teach, and baptize people who are prepared to follow Jesus Christ.  I love the things he teaches me.  I came on a mission because I love the Lord.  But I have just seen here that no matter what I do, he will always bless me more than I could ever expect!  The Lord is so good, and I know this works for members of the church without missionary nametags, if we live the law of Consecration, we will see him open doors that we never knew were there.  

This week were working with one of our ward missionaries (she is one of my favorite people ever!) and she asked me what is one of my favorite things I have learned on the mission.  I said, "Pagbabago!"  Change.  In me and in others.  I am learning how to change my nature in order to align my will with His.  As I allow myself to be in His hands, He will help me become like Him!  And that is the greatest desire of my heart!  I just want to become like Him.  Overcome my weaknesses and allow Him to take me to new levels of understanding.  I love His goodness and love towards us.  

Things are getting better here after the storm slowly just getting back to normal. Thank you for your prayers; they are a huge asset to me here!  I thank you all for everything and I love you more than you can ever know!  

Sister Waldrom
Doctrine and Covenants 121:4

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