Monday, October 13, 2014

Look to Him and Live

Transferrrred!  Area #4: San Jose, Batangas!  I love it already.  It sure is different than the rest of my other areas (pure city).  It has a lot more farms and POULTRY.  Man this place reeks!!!  Last night we were walking home, I literally gagged from the foul odors of these darn pigs here.  Literally the worst.  And there is no escaping it.  I think I survive it for a month.  My companion is Sister Taala from Samoa.  She is leeeegit!  I am her follow up trainer and she is pretty new but I see a bright future for us.  Our house is SOOOO nice.  Except the water pressure-gotta use a bucket to shower.  It is a struggle with all my hair.  But it is all about enduring to the end, eh?   I am really excited to serve here.  I know there is a special purpose for me here with my little time and I am excited to find out what it is.  
Before I left San Pablo, we officially started teaching the father of Sister Masangkay.  Our first lesson completely focused on him.  Lanie was our member present.  And we opened up the Book of Mormon with him and he couldn’t take his eyes off it, because he was crying the WHOLE time!  He was just so emotional.  He just told us his desire to be baptized and accepted a baptismal goal date of November 8.  I am soooo excited for him!  But sooo sad I can't be there to witness his conversion.  But I do know he is in good hands with Sister Wilson!

Our last lesson with the Masangkays was soooo good.  We taught about eternal family with the commitment of giving them a goal date of being sealed in the temple.  We extended October 10, 2015 and they are excited to prepare!!  It was sure hard to say bye to them, I held back the emotions and told them I would see them my very last Sunday before I go to the mission home.  I sure miss and love that dear family.  And funny moment, Thurs morning as missionaries were getting on jeeps for transfers, Sister Masangkay saw us and came and said bye to me!!  Such a tender  moment.  

General Conference was just the best!  My favorite talk was by Elder Christofferson.  So many good points that he touched on.  Super deep too, requires further studying on my part.  I am excited to print it off today and read that up!  Loved Bednar's too.  Man I love sharing the gospel!  Also super fun cause I got to see a bunch of Batangas members.  MAN I LOVE THEM.  Even Vina, our recent convert.  Told them I would see them Nov 9 for my last visit, we were all excited!  It was seriously so good to see them all.  

Soooo that is pretty much it.  Looking forward to working hard here.  All is well and thanks for your love always!!  Also, feel free to send me your final letters, that'd be cool.  I love you all!!!

Sister Waldrom
Mosiah 24:13-16

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