Monday, October 20, 2014

Y.O.M.O. (You Only Manila Once)

First of all, in this internet cafe, they are playing my favorite All American Rejects song in like 7th grade and I am just thinking.... Oh my, I have been distanced from the world SO MUCH.  I cant even remember the words to the song!  Sheesh the mission is such a fresh breath of air.  Seeing what life is like away from the world.  But oh shoot, the next song just came on, I think they are just playing their first album now.  Oooooh no!!! TEMPTATIONS TO MISSIONARIES ARE THE WORST.  Bahahah
Ok, let's start with the MOST FUN 24 HOURS OF MY LIFE.  Yesterday (Sunday Afternoon) I left San Jose for MANILA!  One month before you leave the country you have to go get fingerprints for your visa and so all the foreigners in my batch went up together.  But I did have to take a couple jeepney rides by myself to meet up with everyone... WEIRD.  I was alone in the Philippines traveling without a companion and I am white!  It was very unsettling because they are even more confused when I am all by my lonesome in this country.  Then once I saw everyone, oh man, the happiness just started up faster than a tricycle when someone finally needs a ride.  It was so glorious.  We just chica-chica'd that whole 2 hour drive!  Then throughout the whole trip I just got to catch up with all my batchmates and finally hear about their missions and lives!  When we have meetings, we never have much time to talk because we are always rushed to get back out to work.  So it was just so fun.  But it was all just so funny because we even stayed in the same hotel as our very first night in the Philippines.  Can you say crazy flashbacks?!  We we stunned with how much everything has changed in the past 18 months!  It was sooo good and so amazing all that has happened and changed each of us.  You will all meet them one day, we are all so tight.  I am sure we will send each other our future family Christmas cards and all that jazz... bahahaha 

So this Morning I woke up at 4:30 in hopes that there would be a hot shower ready to clean me up real well.  Hopped right on in, and hopped right on out as fast as I could.  WHY IS THERE NO WARM WATER IN THIS COUNTRY.  Jumped back into that hotel bed basically wet.  Then we headed to the Immigration center and MAN THAT IS THE BEST PLACE TO PEOPLE WATCH EVER.  That place was loaded with foreigners from every corner of the earth.  I think if we baptized that whole building, the prophecies would be fulfilled of the gospel reaching every nation, tongue, and people.  But then the best moment of all was when SISTER MAFI walked in!!!!!!!!  My MTC companion from Tonga!!!!!!!!  Dang, I got a little teary eyed seeing her!  She is alive!  What a fun little reunion with our MTC district :)  So after all that we went to KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS. OH MY HEAVEN ON EARTH.   You Americans don’t know how good you have it!  Then we headed back.  So overall, huge success.  Now I am back, and back to work!

Just would like to remind you all, that I still dont have a Filipina companion, my house mates are foreigners (Sister Brown from UT and Sister Tzanis from Australia who is half greek and filipina) and it is just sad my lack of Filipino life for me!  Just my trainer and housemates in my first area. Kuwawa!!  

The ward here is so solid.  We have some great leaders and bishop.  It became a ward only a year ago so it still needs some growing.  But this week we found some realllllly great investigators who are already progressing!  Especially Sister O: she came to church and she cried the whole time cause the lessons were focused on the spirit world and family sealing.  She shared in Gospel Principles about how she wondered how her parents could be baptized because they were murdered by Muslim extremists.  She had a really great experience from having her questions answered.  Really warmed my heart to see the fullness of the gospel give someone hope in their life.  We also got some really great new referrals this week and we are excited to be busy!!  

Ok I love you all.  You are just the best!  Keep it real and keep looking for the holiness in everyday.  I promise you will find it when you seek for it!  Let me know whatever I can do to help any of you!  

Much Love,
Sister Waldrom
Mormon 9:28

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