Monday, November 3, 2014

Joy in every footstep

Hey there!  First off, Tuesday.  Elder Lynn G. Robbins spoke to the mission.  Did I love it?  YES.  He spoke on my favorite topic right now!  Agency and responsibility.  Just deepened my knowledge of the doctrine of agency.  He was so inspired as he taught of how we have 100% control of our agency and 100% responsibility of how we use it.  We need to be better at how we blame others and use excuses, because everything can be pointed at ourselves.  Reminds me of how much actually depends on us.  

Halloween night.  Walking home, I say to my companion, "let's scare the sisters if they arent home yet." Wait behind the door with a sheet.  Got 'em good.  So good.

This week we were asked by an investigator to be her baby's "Ninang" or godmother.  That was an awkward conversation.

We got an AMAZING referral.  Yolie, man she is awesome!  The Relief society president referred her to us and came with us to the lesson and it was beautiful.  I had a tear in my eye the whole time because she was just so open about how ready she is.  She just kept saying she is so willing and that her entire life she has felt "something missing."  We asked her how she felt, she said she felt good and enlightened.  We are so excited.  She said her husband and son are really interested too!! This is an amazing potential completed family!  She accepted a baptismal goal date of December 20, and after she said yes, she asked what time.  Man she is ready!  I will keep you updated. :)

There is a senior couple serving in our ward and they actually just went home this morning.  But the ward put on the most awesome goodbye party for them!  Every auxillary put on a presentation (full time missionaries included) and it was just a joyous time!  We sang "Go forth with faith" and threw some tagalog in there.  And then we watched some swing dancing, cha cha, elders quorum choir action, and the primary "popcorn popping on the apricot tree" hip hop version!  Good stuff!  

Saturday was Day of the Dead!  Our ward mission leader came up with the brilliant idea of having a finding activity.  So our church is on the way to the cemetery and there were so many people driving and walking by, like disneyland status of people.  So we had signs and offered free juice with pamphlets of the Plan of Salvation.  It was good, we found some pretty interested people and a lot of people got to see us and our church.  The word is being spread!  It was a great way for us to work with our ward mission leader and ward missionaries and we all had a grand ol time!    Day of the Dead is an interesting holiday here.  Basically every Filipino goes and parties over their loved ones graves.  They just hang out at the cemetery all day and night!  We had an early curfew of 6pm to keep us safe.  

Our area is doing ok, struggling to help them come to church, but things are still moving.  Just doing my best to build up this area and companion.  So thankful to be serving here at this time.  

I love you all and thanks for all the support always!  

Sister Waldrom
Doctrine and Covenants 19:23

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