Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm going there someday, and that day is tomorrow!

In approximately one hour, I will be heading home to the great state of Arizona where it apparently snowed a lot yesterday?!  I was hoping to escape the cold (I hate the cold for any who did not know).  But I know it will be a lot nicer than stinkin Utah.  Anyways, I couldn't be happier for the two reasons I am going home.

1. To receive my endowments in the Mesa, Arizona temple
2. To attend the Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research (SSBTR) Walk-a-thon

Ahhhh AZ sounds sooo good right now.  But really, I could not be more excited to go through the temple, I know I am going to learn so much and feel God's presence so strongly.  It is going to be absolutely wonderful.  My parents will be with me and that's all I could ask for.  Oh goodness, I love this gospel.  I am so excited to feel so much closer with Christ after this great experience.  I am so grateful that I am able to come home for this (thanks Mom and Dad!) and feel so blessed.  This is all so surreal.  A year ago at this time, never would I have ever expected to be going to serve a mission in the Philippines and to be an endowed member of the church.  I love how unpredictable life is.  It keeps it entertaining and allows me to grow in so many unexpected ways.

Also, I am sooooooo happy I am able to attend the SSBTR walk-a-thon!!  I have gone the past three years in support of my "Other Mother" Nancy Pool.  My bestest friend in the entire world was welcomed into this world by this amazing woman and Rachel and I practically grew up in each other's houses so Nancy was very close to me.  Our Freshmen year of high school she was diagnosed with a brain tumor which became a roller coaster of a struggle for the next few years.  She defeated all odds by surviving with this stage 5 tumor for so much longer than expected.  What a blessing.  Nancy taught me so much in those three and a half years until her passing on December 7, 2011, during Rachel's and my senior year of high school.  I felt so privileged to have been with her the day she passed, and with her family the day after.  The Pool family has felt like family to me over my 14 year friendship with Rachel.  I truly love the Pools and Nancy.  I am so happy I am able to remember her at the SSBTR walk-a-thon and help raise money to help the research of brain tumors.  Nancy will always be remembered for all the good she did and has been and always will be missed.  Love you Nancy!

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