Monday, February 11, 2013

People are the Best

So today I experienced the sweetest thing.  I work in flower shop and it has gotten verrrry busy lately for Valentines Day.  So while working in the front, an older woman, about 80 years old, and her care taker slowly come inside the store from the frigid air and light snow outside.  I gave them a smile and asked how I could help them.  The old woman moved very slowly, barely lifting her feet off the ground as she stepped towards me.  She pointed to the flowers she wanted, and so I pulled down two vases of gerbera daisies to let her choose which ones she wanted.  I tried to make small talk with her, as she picked her flowers.  She was a local and she was getting four flowers for her friends.  Her caretaker was so sweet too, but there was something so warm about this woman, even though I could barely hear and understand her.  While I was wrapping her flowers, she took a seat and a man came in and was being helped by one of y co-workers.  He was making an order for his wife and when he read his phone number I noticed he said his area code was 480, which is in Arizona.  But I didn’t ask him about it since I wasn’t helping him.  But my friend who was taking his order walked away to get something, and he looked at me and my nametag and said, “So Morgan, where are you from?”  I was surprised he asked me because I wanted to ask him the same thing!  I said Phoenix, and he said Mesa, he had recently retired and moved up here.  He was so nice and we made many connections.  I can’t remember how but my mission came up and I told him I was going to the Philippines.  He was so happy for me, therefore I was so happy too!  He was so kind and as he left, he told me good luck and was so sincere.  When I finished the woman’s wraps, she had heard the man and she mentioned to me how her granddaughter was going on a mission too.  And before she left, she looked me right in the eye and said with her soft voice, “I know your mission will be wonderful.  Good luck, I am so happy for you.”  I don’t know why, but I loved her.  She was so genuine and her comment really meant so much to me.  She assured me that my mission really would be wonderful.  As she walked out, my eyes began to water and it wouldn’t stop!!  She somehow made a major impact on me today.  It is those small moments that mean so much.  What a blessing.  She was a saint and I wish I could go hang out with her like I would with my favorite 93 year old neighbor who lived across the street.  I seriously wish I could see this woman again, but she sure made my day.  Gosh.  Life is great.  Missions are great.  I just can’t contain my excitement, only 100 more days!!!!!!!

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