I spoke at my first Zone Conference!  Surprisingly not that scary.  My topic was effectively using the Book of Mormon (thanks for the quotes Dad).  When I started brainstorming, I wrote down the original ideas, like liken the scriptures to the investigators, read with them, etc.  When preparing a little bit more everyday, I saw that I received more revelation on what I should talk about.  So I kinda took a different route and talked about how we need to help our investigators to understand what the Book of Mormon is.  I have already seen on my mission that they can get really hung up on the idea of the BoM and are easily confused and have questions.  But if we explain to them what it is, where it came from, and why they should want to read it, their faith with grow on a more firm foundation with a great desire and interest to read it for themselves.  It was a great experience for me to see how the Lord inspires us to say what He wants us to say.  I sure love the spirit.
Zone Conference was a blast.  Spiritually rejuvenating and fun to see my friends and meet new missionaries.  I got to drive back with President and Sister Peterson, so hello to two hours in the car with them!  I loved it.  I love them.  I asked President what scriptures have helped him in his mission.  He told me he really likes Alma 38.  And now I do too.  I have learned how to apply that chapter in my missionary work now.  I need to continue in faith and trust and need to definitely be more humble.  After coming back from conference, I kinda got really down.  I saw the sisters from my batch and heard about all their successes... I have been here for three months and we struggle with having our investigators progress.  It's really hard not to blame yourself in these kinds of situations.  I won't lie.  It is really hard.  Obviously when you are having investigators keeping their commitments and baptisms, you're one happy missionary!  But when that is not necessarily happening, you can't help but wonder, what is wrong?  It is a constant reevaluation of yourself, your work, and your prayers/faith/trust.  This has been a great experience to build my faith, rely on the Lord, and moving forward with Faith.  I have more faith now than I have ever in my life.  That is sure what I love about the mission, it has taught me how to learn, grow, and change.  Ahhhh, but I still am craving that success.... I have faith that my new trainee and I can do it (she comes on Thursday)!!  Even though neither of us speak Tagalog, we will sure be relying on the Spirit!  

We had like a super sad experience where the family of three with baptismal dates dropped us.  Yeah, I was crushed.  There is no way to describe the feeling of when an investigator who knows the gospel rejects it.  It really breaks your heart for them and their salvation.  But I have come to learn that everyone has their agency and that we just having to keep working to find those prepared souls.  

So I am a graduate of my 12 week training!  I am a real missionary!  And my anak comes this week!  Craziness! I am excited!!!!

This morning we went to Family week for the Ward and it is an awesome thing that the church does with the government and they have a medical mission and do family history!  AMAZING.  And I got a cool free shirt!  Sweet.

This week was another emotional roller coaster, but I can promise you that I love my mission.  I love it here, the people, the work, the spirit.  The Gospel is true.  

Sister Waldrom 
Mosiah 4:2