Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Warning:  This email is the real life of Sister Waldrom and she kinda gets whiny, but just ignore it and know that she is a happy little sister missionary.

All I have to say right now is, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!  I am going to become a Nanay (mother).  I am training this next transfer, so in two weeks.  And you know what the chances are of her being a foreigner?  VERY HIGH.  I literally just found out from an email and I very well could pee my pants out of fear.  I can train, that's easy.  But I sure as heck cannot speak!!!  I pray for a Filipina.  Oh my goodness.  I just feel bad for our investigators.  Our lessons will be HINDI MABUTI.  (not good.)  Ok sorry, I am just freaking out right now because this was like my biggest fear.  But you know what, I CAN DO IT.  God has called me to be a missionary and I will do anything he needs me to do (even if it makes me want to curl up into a little ball and cry my heart out).  Oh my gulay is all I can say right now.  God bless my poor trainee.  We're doomed.  LOL 
Also, this week was like.... really hard.  Ok one day.  But still.  We were out working all day and only taught one lesson.  That is my least favorite thing about the mission.  No one is home and your plans just fall out of your hands.  Darn.  I may have secretly been tearing up on the tricycle ride home out of disappointment for feeling "unsuccessful" but you know what the wind in my face wiped away those tears and I turned to the Lord.  I just praypraypray when I have a trial, and even though the problem doesn't always get better, I feel better because I can feel the spirit.  That is a true lesson I have learned to apply and you know what my advice is?  Try it.  Prayer works.  God is good, real good. 
And you know, there are some other really unfun things here, like laundry burns on my fingers, sweating constantly, cold showers, always tired, and not being able to speak Tagalog.  But you know, I am just accepting it all.  Even though there are so many things that are kinda rough here, the blessings come when I see that what I am doing here is just amazing.  Even though I haven't seen the success I expected or wanted, I know that none of the efforts we make are unwasted.  That has been another hard thing.  I came here with these expectations that I am gonna baptize like crazy cause Filipinos are so receptive.  But you know, that is not really the case.  I am learning patience.  And it is a different kind than I have ever had to use in my life.  But we keep on working!
So yeah, the mission is like an emotional roller coaster.  And sorry this email is just not as spiritual as usual.  Obviously this week was just not as successful as I had hoped.  But I did see how when members give us referrals, those people are so much more receptive and prepared because they see the blessings of the gospel in someone else's life and desire it too.  So give referrals!  God has promised to bless you!
Also, I was really looking to be spiritually rejuvinated at church on sunday after a rough week.  Then I was so happy that two of our investigators came to church.  Then this strange opportunity arose during Relief Society when bishop called me over and said, "Sister, we have a problem.  One of the speakers cannot speak in sacrament meeting... will you give a talk?"  Hm.  Yes I will, but it will be in Taglish.  I gathered some thoughts and spoke on missionary work.  And honestly, the spirit just led me.  I am kinda well known for basically reading my talks or speeches, but that was unscripted for my first talk in the Philippines!  I think it was ok, and I mostly spoke english, but it was a good experience surprisingly. 
So this week I really learned how God tests us to teach us.  Like having me speak in church, being panted with no investigators, and becoming a trainer after 12 weeks.  So life is good and I am just chugging along.  I love and miss you all!!!!!
Mahal ko kayo lahat,
Sister Waldrom
1 Nephi 19:9

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