I am training.  And I love it.  It is just what I needed.  Just who I needed.  It is simply great... so far.  So I went to transfer day in San Pablo to pick up my baby, and boy was I surprised when they said I was training Sister Gaspar de Alba.  She is from Texas and she is just great.  Positive, confident, hard working.  Everything we need to get some progression in our area.  I am pumped to get some baptisms now!  So far we are working great together.  She is pretty much experiencing all the same crazy emotions when I first got here too.  Which is probably comforting to her that I can literally relate with everything.  The greatest blessing I have seen is the gift of tongues this week.  I cannot believe my ability to understand and communicate with the people here now!  I know this is an answer to my pleading with the Lord and all the prayers coming from you all.  I truly thank you for your love, support, and prayers.  I know that this is the answer and result of coming to the Lord humbly.  I have just seen a greater understanding and ability to reply with the vocabulary I already know more quickly.  Also, on Saturday we were able to teach 4 lessons which was rare before.  There are already improvements going on here.  So happy now.
My trainer was transferred to the little island, Marinduque.  Pretty exciting. 
Oh and on our first real day out to work together, we totally got into a little bit of a bible bash.  Oh man.  That was my first experience and thankfully he knew English.  It is amazing how people can completely misinterpret the Bible.  He straight up said he doesn't believe in our religion.  That the Book of Mormon isn't true.  And that he hates religion.  So, in other words, he just isn't prepared to hear our message yet, so we will just leave it at that.  But I do not that the only way we will be saved is if we have faith in Jesus Christ, repent of our sins, are baptized by the proper authority, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. 
So this week I also walked through knee high floods.  Wish I would've had my camera.  Literally disgusting.  The water was covering all the rice fields and overflowed out of the canals and was still knee high water that was just straight brown.  I couldn't even see my calves.  And the member we were with said there was probably snakes.  I seriously booked it outta there.  Sick.  And also, I finally tried Balut.  Not too bad.  That is the Filipino specialty.  It's like a hard boiled fertilized duck egg.  I will send pics. 
This week was a littler slower with all the changes, but I am sure excited to teach this week!  Things are going well here, and I can tell you that my testimony is stronger than ever before.  I am learning how to truly trust in God because I know that is going to be the only way that these two new American missionaries are ever going to help these amazing people here.  I love the mish, for all the ups and downs it has.  I love you all!!!!!
Sister Waldrom
James 1:22-25