The Lord works in mysterious ways.  I have seen how he has put us in the right place at the right time.  A few weeks ago we met a woman as we were standing on the sidewalk waiting for a member.  She stopped and asked us if we were Mormon, and she said she was baptized in 1981.  We got her name and address but hadn't found the time to visit her yet.  Then she walked in to church yesterday!  Hello less active!  We went and visited her last night, and she said she went to a few other churches and has been less active for over 20 years!  But somehow she found the confidence to walk in yesterday in her street clothes just wanting to come back.  I don't know why, but I know that Heavenly Father wanted her to come back to Him.  And last night when we went to her house, her landlord was there who is also a less active member!  It has also been a long time since she has returned. It is just amazing that we were able to meet these amazing women and help them find the path again!  The landlord has a hard time coming to church because she has a 28 year old son with some kind of disability.  He was lying on a mattress on the floor and every time I looked at him, his eyes would squint and he would give me the biggest smile!  Oh how my heart was warmed!  She doesn't know what his condition is, but it seemed like cerebral palsy to me.  It made me miss my special needs friends from high school and reminded me how I cant wait to go back to school to help amazing people like him!  At the end of the lesson, when the closing prayer was being said, I looked up at him and saw him rolled over on his side, holding his hands and his eyes were closed.  What joy warmed my heart and tears lined my eyes.  I know that son is close to God.  I know he has heavenly help and support in His life.  I know that he is an amazing child of god and probably has the constant companion of the Holy Ghost in his life more than I will ever know.  Oh, those tender moments just make this mission even more amazing. 
Also, another cool less active story!  We were on a tricycle just talking to the driver about the church.  When we got off, a girl who got off too asked, "Mormons po ba kayo?"  Yes we are Mormon!  And she said that she was baptized a few years ago but moved to this area a year ago.  Come to find out her mom is also a member but was offended because of the way she speaks.  With a couple of visits, they came to our group FHE and then came to church yesterday too!  Wow, the spirit is working strong with these less actives and is bringing them back no matter their fears!

We are also teaching an amazing investigator.  She is progressing, her faith is growing, and she is keeping commitments!  This week we extended baptism to her again, and she again said she is devoted to being catholic!  Oh man.  We will try to resolve her concern. It just kills me to see how she understands this amazing gospel, but won't accept it.  Praying for her.
This week we held a group family home evening, and was it successful?  YES.  3 active families, 2 less active families, and a family of investigators came!  It was amazing!  It was so fun and there was so much fellowship!  I made some yummy graham cake that I can't wait to make for everyone at home.  It's all the rage here in the Philippines.  But it was a beautiful experience and I will attach some photos from it. 
And finally, training.  So this week is my last week of training for me.  Then next week, I will begin training a brand new missionary.  Word on the street is that there are 19 sisters coming, and only 1 is Filipina.  So........ yes, I am wondering how this is all going to work out.  But this week, we headed to San Pablo for a training meeting with President.  And I learned so much, it was really comforting.  I need to learn how to develop power through the atonement.  That is the only way I am going to be able to become the trainer that God believes that I can become.  I am not sure if you all understand this task, I don't know this language.  I don't know this country.  I am not even a great teacher yet.  But now I have a big responsibility to teach, help, and protect a new missionary.  Pressssssure.  But I have already found this to be a very humbling experience.  I know that if I reallllllly learn how to trust in the Lord, he will help lift me up and help me to fulfill this new calling.  Wow.  I am blessed that He has this faith in me. 
Fun story: we were at a members house and the Brother was watching NCAA basketball here.  I asked if he liked the American NBA (thinking we could have a good conversation with my decent knowledge on the subject) and then he blew me away with listing every NBA team in ABC order!  What?!  It was amazing.  There are 31 teams if you didn't already know.  And also, everyone here loves Basketball.  And they love the Miami Heat.  Why you might ask?  Because the head coach is Filipino!  And he is from San Pablo!  Awesome!!! 
So, yes, I am doing a lot better.  Finding the joy in the mission and helping anyone I can.  I know this that through this gospel, we know the way of how to return to our Father in Heaven.  I love you all and wish you the best!
Sister Waldrom
Jacob 4:8