Monday, November 18, 2013

OK. What just happened....

Well hello.  I write to you in a very happy/tired/scared/excited/worried/weirded out state.  I was emergency transferred today.  To Batangas... Good news is I saw the ocean for the first time earlier! The coast is in my area!  (sorry mom, you just told me you wanted me to stay away from the ocean) But I have been given a special assignment to help my new companion, Sister T, from the Kirabati Islands.  We both got here in the mission at the same time 5 months ago.  A bunch of changes happened here today because we just inherited 15 new missionaries from the Tacloban mission.  So my child, Sister Gaspar de Alba, has a companion who just came from the traumatizing storm.  We got a text yesterday from President saying: "Sister Waldrom, give me a call when you have time", of course I thought worst case scenario.  Grandpa.  I was freaking out internally that something happened to Grandpa.  Then he called me and told me this: "Sister Waldrom, you are always asking me to see how you can help me.  I need your help now.  You have a special assignment.  You're being transferred to Batangas tomorrow to help a sister.  She struggles with English and Tagalog and obedience."  Well, then the tears started.  Sister Gaspar de Alba and I knew our amazing companionship was wayyyyy too good to be true.  It was ripped from us when we least expected it!!  We promptly went to visit Marivic, our progressing investigator. Little did we remember that it was the one year anniversary of her husband's death.  We remembered right as we walked into her house.  I just couldn't stop the tears just telling her how amazing I think she is and how I will miss her so much.  She was crying, her nanay was crying, and my comp was crying.  Just a big cry fest.  I couldnt even handle it.  Then we visited the Tajan family which was pretty happy. Then we went to the church where thankfully the ward members all met there from returning from a big devotional in san pablo.  I couldnt help but cry when I said bye to all of them too!  I will miss Cabuyao soooooo much!!! The people there are amazing.  Even some of the members cried.
Ahhhhh.  Then the bishop and his amazing wife dropped off pizza and cake.  And I ferociously packed my stuff last night.
This morning we headed to San Pablo.  We got to meet all the missionaries from Tacloban.  Sounded pretty crazy down there.  They experienced the huge storm, dead bodies, and loads of crazy stuff.  I cant believe the devastation down there.  My heart still goes out to them.  We had a mini transfer meeting (because real transfers were a couple weeks ago).  It was good.  I love my companion.  She is so sweet and funny!  I really do feel honored that president feels that he can trust me and give me a chance to learn and grow.  He talked to me about my new responsibility to help her be exactly obedient and really teach her about missionary work because her past companions were not the best.  I am really excited to help her progress and reach the growth that I know she can obtain.  Once I got to the area, the first thing I did was checked out the area book.  Ehhhhhh.  K.  A LOT of work ahead of us.  No addresses.  Not many investigators.  Great.  I love starting fresh again!  It seems like a great area full of lots of people who speak different Tagalog than I know.... So I am gonna have to figure that out too.  Also I live with my old companion from the MTC, Sister Hellewell.  This should be fun too.  I am really excited for this experience.  I am really sad to leave my first area and my first child, but I know this is an opportunity and a challenge from God to learn and really forget myself and help my new companion and my area.  President also told me before I walked out of his office, "Sister I know your mission is not going to be easy, but I know I can trust you and you can do it."  Sure love my president.  We shall see how this week goes.
Also went on exchanges this week with a sister training leader.  Learned so much.  She says I underestimate myself.  Whoops.  It was a way good experience to learn from her awesome example.  Also one of her investigators thinks he is a prophet and we met a guy who is from England and claimed the Beatles were his neighbors.  Whaaaaat
Also thought I would share how I am studying the different powers of the Atonement.  So far I have got redeeming, cleansing, enabling, strengthening, reconciling, and comforting.  I love the Atonement and am slowly but surely learning how to apply it in my life.
Well, I am feeling whooped from so much crying, traveling, and newness.  I am way blessed to be doing this and am happy as can be.  I love you all!  Change for the good.

Sister Waldrom
Helaman 5:30

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