Monday, November 18, 2013

So long Cabuyao

I got this email today from Jean Caunin who is a ward missionary.  Morgan loves her and all the members of the Cabuyao Ward.
Today at 6:07 PM
Good day to you nanay! Last Sunday Sis waldrom texted us and tell us that she is going to be transfered by monday,it was unexpected because we knew that their tranfer day in on next week, after knowing that she will,we meet her & her companion at the chapel that night, I saw some of the members tearing their eyes including me because we will miss her, of all the missionaries who were assigned here she's the only one who so closed to us because she is so kind and sweet missionaries we ever meet,her uniqueness is so different from the others.

we supposed to have a surprise activity today for her birthday,but now it was change,We decided to give her a gift and sent it to the mission.We will surely miss her,she's one of a kind & thoughtful sisters in the mission.We are so blessed that she came into our ward.

I read to her your mail and i gaved her a hug as what you had said.
a last lunch with some of the members

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