Monday, January 27, 2014

Family Complete. Life Complete.

It happened.  It really happened.  The Sasuya family was baptized.
And oh how sweet it was!  So basically the baptism itself was perfect,
over 40 people came, including President and Sister Peterson.  The
spirit was so strong and the memories flooded my mind seeing where
they have come since day one.  They have overcome so much: word of
wisdom, working on Sunday, everything!  I am so proud of them.  I
really don't know why I am so lucky to have taught such a perfect
family.  They are the most tender mercy from the Lord.  Our lessons
this week were also so sweet, about the Priesthood and enduring to the
end.  They WILL hold strong.  They have fellowship and strong testimonies.
I am just sad I can't be there the day they are sealed in the temple.  Gosh I
just love em.  Oh and their youngest son, wiped a booger on me after
our lesson, we were all laughing so hard even though it was so gross.

Ok so last Sunday we met a member who just moved into our ward.  He is
19 and from the Naga Mission and was baptized just last December 21.
He is some awesome!!!!  A recent convert, then when we visited him the
next day he had three referrals ready for us!  AND he had already
given them Books of Mormon and Pamphlets!  Oh my gulay.  He is
amazing.  So proud of his new beliefs and strong testimony. So blessed
to be associated with him to share with his own family and friends!

So we are teaching this awesome 19 year old named Jimmy.  We have been
struggling to schedule with him the past couple weeks, and then
finally on Wednesday we were able to teach him at the church.  When he
asked him what has been going on he told us that he is "in the process
of giving up."  He is going through a lot of trials right now and we
weren't really sure what to teach him since he brought up these new
concerns.  Then we just followed the spirit!  Sister Williams was supa
awesome at whipping out some sweet scrips to help him, but then we
basically taught him about the atonement and faith in Jesus Christ.
It seemed to be so much clearer for him!  He even came to church on
Sunday and asked one of his fellowshippers if he could baptize him,
hello commitment!  So excited for him, and he is totally applying the
atonement in his life.  Wow amazing stuff.

So this week, I got a cold.  It was really annoying.  And then
yesterday I had a full blown coughing attack in our lesson.
Thankfully I knew the members and recent convert well, but dang it was

And the weather is like freakishly cold here right now.  Like 80
degrees.  What?!  I LOVE IT.

Oh also had zone interviews, which means some quality time to talk to
President.  Ahhhh he has some magical power to make me feel on top of
the world.  I felt so good and pumped afterwards!  I just love being a

So overall, life is great.  Still love hearing from you all, so
letters are always welcome here.  Love you all!!!

Mahal Kita,
Sister Waldrom
Luke 4:18

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