Monday, January 6, 2014

Perfect Paradise

Kumusta sa inyo lahat?!  Sobrang saya ako.  Seriously.  I am so happy here.  I am sad to say that Sister Teaotai and Sister Hellewell headed to the missionary recovery center in Manila, but they shall return soon.  It has been great to be fully working again.  The work here sure is harvesting and growing.  Sister Williams has become my companion- is a fellow BYU cougar is basically the coolest cat in this town.  We work AWESOME together.  Life is perfect with her.  We combined both of our areas and teaching pools and we are sooooo busy and we looooove it.  We have already found a good balance in our teaching and we have had some powerful lessons already.  I shall expound later.

Today we had our zone p-day at Lemery Beach.  Can i say GORGEOUS?! It was my first time to the beach here in the Philippines and man was it a treat!  I caught some great photos.  Hope you feel like you're in paradise with me.

New Years was cool... just kidding it wasn't.  We had curfew at 6 because Filipinos are crazy on new years and fireworks are everywhere and it is like WWIII i swear.  We watched the Joseph Smith movie, the Legacy.  It has a kiss in it!  So scandalous.  I consider it my new years kiss.  hehehehe

So yesterday our mission did a special fast inspired by an amazing talk.  We were to write down all the temptations and behaviors that poked at our spirits and write them down.  Then for the next 40 days, we will work on overcoming those weaknesses by prayer and earnest work and desire to change and focus on this work.  It was hard, and it will only get harder, but I am excited for this experience!

This week was so glorious.  Great lessons, great people, great companion.  So on Sunday, Brother Sasuya walked into church looking like a true patriarch of a family.  He is loving and completely taking on the role of a future priesthood holder, father, husband, and disciple of Christ.  He is an amazing example to everyone.  The ward literally LOVES the Sasuya family.  So many members have come to lessons to them with us and more keep asking if they can join sometime soon.  When this ward meets an investigator they don't let go and love them forever.  It is amazing, no one will really get lost when the ward cares and supports them so much.

Oh and we taught the Sasuya's about eternal marriage and they have committed to prepare to be sealed as a family in a year!!!!  Just a couple weeks till their baptism!!

Also the ward here is amazing.  They made a goal to be more reverent in sacrament meeting, and boy can I say that it was one of the most powerful and inspired testimony meetings I have ever attended? I testify that as we are reverent in church and listen to the promptings of the spirit, you truly will receive the peaceful feelings and blessings that the Lord promises.  You will more clearly understand the holiness and joy of the gospel.  You will walk out of church rejuvenated and ready for another week in His service. Our investigators had an amazing experience and I did too.  I am convinced this is the best ward in the Philippines.  And Cabuyao too. :)

I have been lucky to teach the other sister's investigator, Jimmy.  He is 19 and is simply awesome. He is working so hard to change his life and is going through so many trials as he does it.  But he just keeps pressing onward and does what the Lord tells him.  He went to church for the second time on Sunday and asked us if he could invite his friend... YES YOU CAN INVITE YOUR FRIEND!  Gosh he is awesome.  And he also gave his Book of Mormon to his friend so he needed a new one.... what?  Perfect.  Yes.

We have a lot of people progressing towards baptism.  I just can't explain my happiness, gratitude, and love for this work.  I know that as members help in this work, God's work will progress.  Missionaries must harness the members for anything in missionary work to progress, so I ask you, help the missionaries!  They need it!  I testify that as you do, you will experience lives change and your very own as well.

I love you all and am dreading the day I see you all again because I kinda don't want to leave the Philippines... no offense or anything... hahaha LOVE YOU!

Sister Waldrom
1 Peter 2:21

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