Monday, February 3, 2014


Hi!  I am a trainer again.  I really like my comp.  She is hilarious
and we get along great.  But it is kinda crazy cause I live with 3
Americans from Utah and I am the oldest in age and in the mission so
it is weird cause I am like the top dog in the house.  And I really
have no idea how I got to this point, like being old in the mission...
I am almost halfway.  I am kinda really weirded out.  WOAH.

So on Monday we went to Sister Mondano's house who is like our mother
in the ward and she taught us how to make two Filipino dishes,
Sinigang (my fav) and Caldereta.  MASARAP!  (Delicious)  I am an
official Pinay.  (Filipina)

Tuesday, I went on exchanges with Sister Ika.  She is one of my
favorite people in this mission and this world.  She and I had some
deep heart to hearts and basically figured out how we are going to
work on being consecrated missionaries.  Which is way harder than it
sounds.  I am made a goal to think about Christ always.  If my mind
ever wanders, think of Christ!  He is the motive of this work and will
keep me focused with and eye single to the glory of god.  Plus I have
to rely on His enabling strength for me.

Transfer day. I got to see my other favorite people.  Aka President
and Sister Perterson, Sister Gaspar de Alba, Sister Smart and Elder
Merrriam.  I also got to drive for 3 hours with Elder Spezia.

We had an awesome lesson with the Sasuyas and Bishops family and they
are working to prepare some quality referrals.  Woohoo!  Love this

So I have been on my mission for almost 9 months and at this point I
still do not know how to balance my time on email and I am almost out
of time.  This week was great.  Some awesome lessons and our
investigators are doing well.  I just love life here.  Seriously so
happy.  I am not lying when I say that.  Things are going well,
maybe because I am serving in the promised land.  I love and miss
you all!  And I watched a man skin a dog and cut off it's head.  I felt
a little uncomfortable.  Keep on keepin on!

Mahal kita,
Sister Waldrom
Proverbs 29:18

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