Monday, February 10, 2014


So everyday.  I learn so much.  First off.  I love my trainee, Sister
Johnson.  She is the funniest thing ever.  She is my own Kristen Wiig,
so we know how happy I am.  We have a good time together.

We taught the Sasuya family this week on Temples, Family History
work, and eternal marriage.  By the end of the lesson, I chose to
share my first experience in the temple.  I told them how I was the
last person to enter the celestial room from the session, and right
when I walked in, my family was there waiting for me.  I couldn't stop
the tears from rollin.  They were the big tears and I was just like...
oh no.  But it was a super sweet experience and strengthened my
testimony.  I am seeing how when the spirit really does teach in the
lesson, even the teacher learns.  The temple is the sweetest place on
this earth.  Truly centered on our Savior and families.  So excited to
return again.

Vina and Yan Yan.  Their baptism is February 22, my official 9 month
mark.  Crazy.  We taught them on baptism and confirmation this week
and the first question we asked was, "Why do you want to be baptized?"
And Vina immediately started crying... I stinkin love her.  She is so
cool and has the strongest testimony.  I met her husband who is in
Kuwait right now on skype and he said he will be baptized when he is
home too.  AHHHHH COMPLETED FAMILY.  Sad I prob wont be here
then. Then we taught her on Saturday and her sister who lives in Las
Vegas and is married and sealed in the temple, skyped in for our
lesson!  She even said the prayer and answered our questions and bore
her testimony.  So rad.  I love them so much and its a sweet bonus
that they feed us after every lesson and it is always delish.

We taught our recent convert Michael this week, and dang he is just
the little missionary!!! Preparing referrals like crazy!!!

So I took like zero pics this week, I am just really loving the
growth I am experiencing.  My Tagalog is going well.  I can say what I
need to and understand mostly everything except when they talk way too
fast.  And my teaching skills have improved so much.  By no means am I
a good teacher, but I am trying to master the inspired teaching
method, 1. ask inspired questions 2. listen 3. discern. 4. teach
doctrine to needs.  It is hard to really be good at but I am working.

Life is swell and its turning into hot season again!  love you all!!!
Sister Waldrom
Alma 19:6

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