Sunday, February 16, 2014


Valentines day is nonexistent in the mission. I loved my
valentines package!!!! I had a cool idea to use the valentines
you sent me and write on the back and give them to
people throughout the day!  Great idea huh?  Did it work?  Not really
because a group of kids raided me and took them all.  Soooooo I

So Vina and YanYan are being baptized on Saturday!  They are so awesome! 
We were talking about repentance and Vina said she has repented and
feels totally ready to be baptized and she was crying and I was crying.
It was powerful. She is so excited! 
Yesterday at church President Peterson came to interview her
and she is set to be baptized!  President says she is great, really understands
repentance is going to be a great member of the church!  And president told us
that we can teach her husband on skype who is working in Kuwait where
there are no missionaries!  He wants to be taught!  YESSSS!!!!
Completed family!!!!

We got a new and awesome referral from a member in the other ward and
she is so awesome.  SHe even cried in her closing prayer!!! So
excited for this quality referral.

So the Sasuyas.  They are going through some tough trials in their
lives and oh man they are true examples as you hold onto the
scriptures and pray with a sincere heart.  They are so strong and the
gospel has truly changed their lives.  I am so happy for them.

We actually got 5 referrals this week... That was awesome.

We have a 16 year old investigator preparing for baptism and we taught
him right after church with like 10 of the youth and it was the
coolest lesson ever!  I love you all!

Sister Waldrom
Alma 26:12

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