Tuesday, April 22, 2014

ayaw ko na umalis!

I am being transferred this week from the best area ever!  And I am so
sad!  But I am excited for the upcoming adventures and challenges.
This area is the promised land.  I will miss the recent converts,
members, and all the goodness that is here.  And especially my
companion!  Sister Johnson is done with her training now and is ready
to take on the world!  I am gonna miss her considering we have the
same personality.  She is the best.

So a less active we visit often, her mother passed away.  She was
active in the church and we went to the funeral and visited their
family.  It was very sad for the family and ward because it was so
sudden.  So keep their family in your prayers!

Brother Sasuya gave a talk in church and it was so awesome for my last
Sunday in the ward!  The ward asked me to bear my testimony and I
just cried.  Embarrassing.  But I just love them!  Then I took tons of
pics with members.  These people are the best.

This week was Holy Week and no one was around and that was hard.  Even
all businesses were closed.  These people are so religious.

Today I am so bad that I procrastinated writing this email to the
end and I have two minutes left, but know that I am happy and doing
well and miss you all!  I'll be emailing from a different part of the
Pines next week!

Sister Waldrom
2 Nephi 22:2

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