Monday, April 14, 2014

Mahal ko si President Monson.

Well, I am a week behind you all, but conference was dang awesome!  I
have really been looking forward to hear the words of our leaders.  As a
missionary, conference is a whole different kind of experience.  I
never fall asleep like I used to... I am on the edge of my seat for
every word they say!  I LOVE CONFERENCE.  My favorite talk was by
Richard G. Scott, it had a lot to do with missionary work.  I also was
a big fan of Russell M. Nelson, W. Craig Zwick (who spoke to us in the
MTC). Gary Stevenson, and Michael Teh.  And I love the way Elder Bednar
always teaches the same things in a different way.  The Atonement and
Grace.  So powerful.  I loved it.  Before the Sunday morning session
we were walking out of our neighborhood to the hiway to catch a
jeepney to take us to the bus terminal to take us to our stake center,
but then a jeep full of members picked us up, including our stake
president.  It was a fun drive because it was a beautiful drive and
the wind was in my face and I was just smiling at every person we
drove by and I was just so happy to be going to conference.  It was
just a really great moment for me to see the holiness that surrounds
me here.  I am just so blessed every moment of every day to be here.

This week was a little slow on work due to conference and a lack of
people being in their homes, but our investigators Joan and Cristina
are doing well!  Definitely progressing towards baptism.  Everyone
else is doing ok too, but we didn’t get to see too many this week. :(
sad stuff.

It is like extremely hot here right now.  I sweat a lot.  Its super fun.....

Also, I had a great experience where I got to defend my faith!  I was
talking to a man on a jeep and he had tons of questions about our
religion.  Very good and logical questions, but he really stretched my
brain as he whipped out bible verses and defended his faith too.  As
much as defending our own faith is important, we must show our
Christlike love.  Just like in Elder Hollands talk.

Oh and this morning we had zone interviews with president!  It was my
last one with him before he goes home. :(  It was a great interview,
asked me what my greatest challenge was, I said helping investigators
progress after they received their personal witness.  Then he straight
up told me "well sister, you have been in your area for 6 months.  We
need you somewhere else now.  Get ready."  AHHHHHHHHHHH I am going to
be so sad to leave these people here.  But I am stoked for some new

Ok, I really have like nothing else.  I love you all
sooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!

Mahal Kita,
Sister Waldrom
Doctrine and Covenants 8

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