Sunday, April 27, 2014

Well, everything just changed...

Hi!!!  So here I am emailing from my new area, San Pablo City!!!!!!!
Yeah.  Wasn't expecting to come here.  But I am so happy!  Also, wasn't
expecting what my new calling would be.  On Tuesday we always get
the transfer phone calls.  I got mine and all the assistant to the
president said was you will be coming to the mission home on Thursday
to have an interview with president and you will find out your new area
and companion.  I was flipping out inside.  I had no idea what
President was going to say to me.  Then when I was in his office, he
just laid it to me straight: "Sister you are being called to be a
sister training leader and you will be companions with Sister Tua'one
and reopening the San Pablo 3a area."  Little did I know what I would
be getting into here.  When we arrived, we found out this is more like
opening a new area because there were only two investigators in our
area book that are not even progressing!  I was like, oh man, we have
got some work ahead of us.  But cool thing is that Sister Tua'one is
like a bomb missionary and teaching me all her ways.  She has been an
STL for 3 transfers, her sister also just passed away last transfer so
she has been having some hard times, but we are both so happy and
ready to start fresh in this area and really fulfill our purpose here.
Find. Teach. Baptize.

So just yesterday, we fasted.  And I fasted harder than I have ever
before in my life.  While planning for what our vision was for this
area, we made a huge goal in faith that we would find, teach, and
baptize one completed family by the end of this transfer.  It is going
to require a lot, but this is really testing our faith and strengths
and weaknesses.  We created a vision for what we want to accomplish
this transfer and submitted it to President and made some huge goals
in faith.  These are numbers I have yet to achieve in my mission, but
I am ready to wear my brain out and do what the Lord would have us do.
I know God is preparing this family for us.  And all I can hope is
that my weaknesses don't stop us from finding them.  This ward has been
slim on baptisms but I think with our drive, we are going to find
those people here in San Pablo.  This area is also very wealthy, so we
hope we can get into so house and meet with the members.

I can see how this transfer is going to stretch me.  For all y'all who
don't even know what a Sister Training leader does, we go on exchanges
with the sisters of our zone and help them with training and their
work and area.  I am realllllly excited to be able to work with the
sisters because I know they will be teaching me so much more than I
can teach them.  It will also be cool to see other areas and
experience so much more of what this mission is like.  ALSO, Sister
Gaspar De Alba, Sister De Castro, and Sister Williams are in this
zone!  I will be working with each of them!  I am so pumped to work
with my old companions.

I am feeling really humbled, scared, nervous, excited, pumped, happy,
and everything in between.  This is going to be an amazing experience
for me, and I hope I can reach the potential and standard that God has
set.  I know He has called me to this work and I am willing and ready
to do it.

Also, for all of YOU!  I want to FOLLOW UP.  How is your study of
Preach My Gospel going?!  I am doing some hardcore study of Chapter 9
(finding) and Chapter 13 (church leadership).  What are you learning?
I am learning that I need to talk to everyone in order to find those
prepared people.

Ok I love you all!!  Keep the faith.

Sister Waldrom
Jacob 4:7


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