Monday, April 7, 2014

work work work that is the secret!

Herro to you all in the land of cleanliness and air conditioning... It
is I, Sister Waldrom.  The missionary in the Philippines who is
sweating her brains out and loving her life.  It is quite an
opportunity to write, yet again, another epistle to you all.  Not too
much is new, still loving Batangas.  The ward here is amazing.  Our
investigators are awesome and progressing.  But baptisms seem to still
be a little distant in the future.  Pero, masaya pa rin dito!  Grabe
talaga, sobrang saya ako!  Oh whoops, you dont know that means... That
stinks for you!!  hahahahaha

So get this.  On Tuesday, we go into our lesson, and I was dumb and
thought our lesson plan was for another investigator, but i just did
the wrong lesson.  Sister Johnson was like what?  and I was like
awwwww shoot.  My bad!  Taught Word of Wisdom instead of the Sabbath
day!  Oh well, the Lord provided and it was great.

We had a lot of investigators at church and I was happy.  And we
had an awesome ward activity and the youth put on this really well
done modest fashion show and went all out and it was so cool and I was
so impressed and it just reminds me that the church is the same

I finished reading the Book of Mormon and my study on Faith.  It was
so awesome.  I learned so much and I recommend studying by topic!!

We watched the General Women’s Broadcast and I basically cried the
whole time.  Especially the part when the primary sang I am child of
god in Tagalog.  Gah I just love this country.

And something I have learned is that converts of the church here love
the missionaries.  Even if it has been years since their baptism,
chances are they are the only member in their family and they rely on
the missionaries to support them and help them through their trials.
Didn't quite expect to be a therapist on my mission, but it is such a
blessing to help the members here!

I love you all and am sooooooooooooooooooo pumped for conference on sat!
Sister Waldrom
Ether 6:17

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