Monday, May 19, 2014

Isang Taon Na.

Hiiiiiii!  It is I, Sister Waldrom.  Who is reaching her one year
 mark.  WHAT WHERE HAS TIME GONE?!  Crazy how relative time is on the
 mish, because we are so close to heaven!!!  Love and hate it.  It sure
 is quick.

 Yoyoyo!!  Pamilya!  I have got an assignment for all yall!  Page 202
 of Preach My Gospel.  Second Bullet point.  What blessings have you
 received from your obedience?  I want your answers by next monday!  I
 think it will greatly help me teach investigators of blessings from
 their repentance.

 This week I saw the blessings of the priesthood.  I learned a lot this
 week of how men are not the priesthood, simply the holders of it.  The
 priesthood blesses all of God's children on earth.  For all you
 priesthood holders reading this, I have a question.  What does it feel
 like for you when you exercise the priesthood?  That is amazing stuff.

 This week Sister Tua'one was sick. :(  We stayed in from
 Monday-Thursday, therefore I read Our Search for Happiness in a 24
 hour period of time and also made a mission vision for myself (see
 attached photo).  It was some great study time on my part, but I felt
 bad for my compy.  She is doing better now.  But for realz, my vision.
  It was such a great realization for me of what else I need to and
 want to achieve on my mission.  I made so many spiritual goals and
 ideas.  I love being a missionary! I actually began some goals for my
 life after the mission.  I look forward to living the law of
 consecration as a member of the church.

 I went on exchanges with Sister Maagad, who is companions with my
 trainer on the mission.  She is so cool, from Visayas in the
 Philippines.  This was my FIRST time working with a filipina since my
 own trainer in the mission!  And I also realized that I haven't lived
 with a filipina since my first area, back in November.  So whatever,
 if my Tagalog really does suck, its not my fault, I have got no
 natives to teach me!!  But Sister Maagad helped me out.  She is one
 spunky and cool Filipina!  We had a great day of finding in the dead
 heat of this country.  Literally I am soaking wet everyday.  And that
 day was one of the worst.  But she helped me through!  I learn a lot
 of new ideas and approaches from these sisters.  I love this
 opportunity to work with them.

 I got to speak in church yesterday about missionary opportunities.
 Hoping that my talk got them excited to give us some referrals.  I
 just looooove the short notice the bishop always gives us when we
 speak in church...

 Well, this area is hanging in there and so am I.  I feel you prayers
 and thank you so much for them all. I remember in a priesthood
 blessing I received from President, he blessed me to feel the prayers
 of my family and receive those blessings.  So thank you because I know
 I am receiving everything you are praying for!  I love you all to
 Kolob and back!  Stay true to what you know! Oh!!!  Come to find out, our
 investigator, Cristina, back in Batangas was baptized!!!!  Holla!!! the church 
 is true!!!!!!

 Mahal kita,
 Sister Waldrom
 Alma 1:25

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