Sunday, May 25, 2014

God is Good

What a SPLENDID week.  This week we found so much joy in the work. Like sooooo much.

First off, it is so hot here that we drag our foam mattresses into the living room and sleep in there cause it is cooler than our small, gross bedrooms.  And the other day we failed to take our trash out when it was super full.  So then the following morning there were maggots covering the floor we were sleeping on!!! SICK NASTY.  And our Samoan Sister sleeps on the actual ground so yes they were on her....
Life here.  It's nuts.

On Saturday we had the coolest service project ever at an elementary school prepping it for the upcoming school year.  It was with the ward so it was great to build friendships and wear the cool "Mormon Helping Hands" vests!  I was dripping in sweat but it was a super fun activity.

This week I got to go on exchanges with Sister Vaka, Sister Taufa, and Sister Mecham.  These sisters here are all so amazing!!!  I love them all.  Sister Vaka and Taufa are both still in their 12 week training, but it was so impressive to work them even as newbies and see all their skills.  I learned a lot from them this week.  I learned from these sisters how to teach with love, how to teach doctrine clearly, and how work with a companion well.  I enjoy working with these sisters as we make new friendships and dig into the work together.  It
has been a great help to have these sisters work in our area here because they are helping us rebuild.  This zone is awesome.

However, I have learned a lot about myself with this calling.  A lot of my weaknesses.  And they are so apparent.  It is hard for me to see them so clearly and then I feel inadequate to serve and be the example to these sisters.  I have been so humbled as I learn from them and apply their teachings to my own work. I have seen an increase in my other skills, such as teaching.  I have never been able to teach like this before.  But I know it is all straight from God.  I remember Elder Nielsen, the area 70 in the Philippines, he said that President Monson says to all the general authorities at conference time in the temple, "He whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies."  I have seen the
Lord carry me through this calling and I am so grateful for all your prayers because I know they are helping!!

Sister Tua'one and I were talking, and I said, "I feel so unqualified for this calling.  These sisters have so many different trials and most of them, I cannot even relate."  Then Sister Tua'one shared "You are an example because you are a fruit of what a good and successful family in the gospel should be raised like."  It hit me, even though these Sisters are experiencing completely different things than I have personally experienced, I am blessed to have had a family who received
the blessings of living the gospel.  So family, my love here for you all is only increasing even more, and I didn't even think that was possible at this point.  I love you all so much!

Well.  Officially one year.  Ayaw ko yun. I am loving this work. I love being a missionary.  The Philippines is a glorious country.  I am praying for you all!!

Sister Waldrom
Doctrine and Covenants 19:29

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