Monday, May 5, 2014

Losing myself

My goal.  Lose myself.  Working on it.

So on Monday.  Surprise rain storm.  Flooded our house.  One inch of
water covering everything.  Thankfully we were home and got our
suitcases and everything up.  We just mopped it out up
and pushed it out the front door.  You have got to be kidding me.
Life in the Philippines.

Sister Tua'one is the coolest companion evaaaaa.  She has a stinkin
afro.  I love her.  We are rocking things here.  Oh wait, besides the
fact that this area is super hard!  The people here are just a little
tougher.  But we are relying on the Lord to strengthen our faith to
help us achieve our goals, especially for finding our one completed
family.  The members are really nice and having us over this
week!!  We really are being tested here.  Sister Tua'one went on
exchanges here in our area and tracted all day but no one let them
in... zero lessons.  Just a taste of what we are workin with. ;)  We can do it!
 Just gotta be patient.

I got to go on exchanges this week with Sister Hopkins and Sister
Mann.  They are both awesome. Technically the point of exchanges is to
help them, but they are helping me!  I am learning so much from them
already.  Sister Mann is 29 and from Samoa and that sister is a power
house!  She talks to everyoneeee she sees.  It is so impressive!

We also got to help Sister Tuafa and Sister Hopkins out this week with
some health issues so we chilled at the hospital with them. The
responsibilities of this calling are different than I expected!

Last Monday we saw President and the AP's at McDonalds.  And who
bought us lunch?  President!!  Love that man.  Then on Friday we had
Missionary Leadership council.  That meeting was insane!  I learned so
much!  President is so receptive to revelation.  I seriously love that
man.  He is a clone of my own father.  Kid you not, Dad, he is you
brother from another mother!  I honestly think that is why I was sent
here.  To learn from him because he teaches me just like you do!  I am
excited for you to meet him.  And for Mom to meet your twin, Sister
Peterson.  Its scary how similar you all are.  What I learned at MLC
is that I am not doing enough.  As a missionary, or as a stinkin human
being!  I am going to be so much better when I am home.  I am making
goals now.

Like I said, Sister Tua'one and I am in the midst of losing ourselves.
Just diving into this work, burning our skin off, draining our
brains, and pouring our hearts to the Lord.  I can see that this area
is going to keep me on my knees a lot for the next few months as I
plead with the Lord for His divine guidance.  I ask you to keep us in
your prayers.  More specifically, I please ask you to help me and my
companion to keep our eyes open to find this prepared family.  We need
all the help we can get.

I love you all and wish all you mothers to have the best mothers day
ever!  Stay strong!

Sister Waldrom
The Words of Mormon 1:7

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