Monday, August 4, 2014


This week, I witnessed many things.
-A women on a jeepney asked me to "laway" her baby, or lick my finger and wipe my spit on her baby as a blessing to her, then the women asked me to do it to her too.... I think they were pretty happy to have received my spit and my blessing.
-reached our highest record of lessons in one day, eight!  Pretty gnarly if I say so myself.
-Made dinner at a member's house. "Pinakbit" is a delicious dish!  Full of "Bagoong' (fish paste) and cooked veggies.  And he taught us how to dry/fry talapia! Mmmmmm....
-Had zone Pday at twin falls in Nagcarlan.  Sweet stuff, we have a great zone right now.  Not many sisters, but we had tons of fun today! 
 -Sister Williams companion, Sister Cox, pierced her ears in the apartment at 10pm.  It was weirdly awesome.

Questions for all of you:
1. Will you please send me your FAVORITE talk?  This is a requirement for all family members.
2. What do you want from the Philippines?  Any Requests?

I got to go on exchanges with Sister Maagad in Santo Tomas.  I am amazed by how whenever I am on exchanges with sisters, I see the Lords hand in how he allows us to really find a middle ground and work well together!  He practically carries us through the day.  It is easier to go on exchanges for a day than to try to adjust to a new companion for a week!  I know that is the enabling power of the atonement.  Sister Maagad and I had a wonderful day.  Our first appt was with an investigator that they have had a hard time accepting a baptismal goal date.  But our member present was so powerful and Sister Maagad really taught the doctrine to her needs and by the end of the lesson, the investigator said, "I am willing to do what Christ wants for me."  AMAZING.  The spirit was so strong.  Great day learning how to teach Filipinos more than just lessons.

Had a LOVELY interview with President Mangum, my first one!  How much time did he give me?  About 45 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!  WOAH.  I feel his love so much!  I was one of the last, but I think my longest before was 15 minutes!  But he really gave every missionary his time to get to know them and understand their needs.  He really desired to understand me and my background and family.  I loved it.  I had prepared some questions and I loved his direction for me.  I asked him what I can do now to progress and he helped me realize that I need to ask the Lord, "What would thou have me do next?" Basically new life motto.  Love President and Sister Mangum!  

Our area is doing well, we are seeing progression with some investigators and we had some of our less actives come to church yesterday with 3 of our investigators!  We were so thrilled.  Things are going well here.

I love the sacrament.  Before the mission I feel like I didn't understand it's purpose for me.  Now I can't go without having it every week.  I love those few minutes to really think about the Savior and my special covenant and how I can keep it better.  The atonement is real and brings me joy and forgiveness every week.  I love the feeling of swallowing the bread and water and making Christ apart of me just like in 3 Nephi 20:8.  My favorite.  

I love you!  Stay true to the faith you DO have!
Sister Waldrom
2 Nephi 7:8-11

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