Monday, June 30, 2014

Fun facts for you all!!

This week was.... great!  But nothing too exciting.  Here we go for an update before I tell you some really fun facts that my companion and I came up with.  

They have fiestas here to celebrate the saints (catholic thing).  And in one village they have a tradition that whoever drives through their main street they spray them with water.  We had no idea about this and we were on our way to an appointment.  Then all the sudden, BAM.  Soaked!!!  They Filipinos were having a hoot and a holler that they were soaking foreigners!  It was soooo funny, and so awkward....  Love life here.

We had plans to go on exchanges twice this week but then both the companionship bailed because they got sick.  Sad week!  

We got new neighbors.  A Nigerian family.  Pastor Victor lives next door and they are already giving us pamphlets and cards....  However they do know we are missionaries... strange.

President Peterson is officially a goner.  He is now your's Ma and Pa.  He says he is excited to meet you!  Be sure to give him a big squeeze at his homecoming for me. :)  President and Sister Mangum are now here and this Friday we will have a zone conference to meet them and get to know them.  But President Peterson did stop by and share some delightful counsel with us and said good bye.  Sure gonna miss that man!  
We got a really great new investigator this week.  We went to go teach one of our other new families, and then we met their aunt.  She said she wanted to join so we also taught her.  She has an amazing desire to help her 23 year old son find the right path again.  We taught her about how the gospel is for imperfect people and gives everyone chance to repent and change and bring them back unto the fold of the Lord.  It was a powerful lesson with wet eyes.  I love opportunities to help others realize they have hope.  

We are in the midst of planning a big Stake Open House of the Stake Center here in San Pablo.  The stake leaders are really coming together and it is an amazing opportunity to see how they run things here in the Philippines.  It is a little different than us in America, but they are awesome!  
Also, amazing, 170 years ago, Joseph Smith's life was taken for the sake of the truth here on Earth.  I have pondered about him and his life and even read some talks about him.  I admire that man.  He had so many Christlike attributes and is such an example to us.  I am grateful for his life and the ways it has blessed my life.  

Ok sorry this week was just a little bit on the lamer side of things, but her are some funny facts for you all!!
1.  sometimes people like to rub our arms in hopes of taking our whiteness. hair too. 
2.  garments count as undershirts. 
3.  late for a meeting? just duck and scurry! you'll be invisible!
4.  who washes their hands? dirt and germs are part of the fun!boxers count as clothing
5.  filipinos like to wake up incredibly early and sleep all afternoon
6.  is your baby hungry? better feed it! who cares if we're in public! (i don't mind but poor elders!)
7.  if you're hot just shave your head! who cares your gender!  
8.  for the lack of walls some houses have... they sure have some nice electronics!
9.  opening the store for the day isn't even hard at all! just open your front window!
10.  if you're a man--anywhere is appropriate to pee!
11.  you may think that 2 foot wide alley between houses is just a space. but really that's the next road to turn on to a whole new neighborhood!
12.  everyone knows how to speak just fine until they start to pray. then they seem to forget the concept of volume. 
13.  rats and cats are normal counter dwellers!
14.  basketball attire: shorts and flip flops. yunlang.
15.  when in doubt: eat rice. 
16.  sometimes our less actives like to join other churches because their new church is just one ride from the church while ours is two.
17.  the difference between hot and cold is about three degrees. 
18.  probing questions are not a problem and even expected. "what is your name? where are you coming from? where are you going? where do you live? how many children do you have? what are their names and ages?" not even kidding. it is a very handy little custom for missionaries!
19.  hey joe! is their only greeting for foreigners.
20.  the whole country is full of joy and naked toddlers!

Ok well enjoy.  I love you all!!!!  Happy Fourth of July I guess, even though that holiday means nothing to me here.... 

Sister Waldrom
Doctrine and Covenants 61:36-39 (Come, Come Ye Saints)

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