Sunday, August 17, 2014

She groans when shes sick.

August 11, 2014
What a weird week.  Not too much to report on sadly.  

My dear Sister Wilson has been ill with the flu.  The poor thing!  It knocked her out Wednesday night.  She threw up all night and then the whole next day is was that awful post flu bug.  And even until now, she doesn’t feel that great, I feel bad for her!  She has just been lying on her bed is distress!  I, however, have been using the time wisely!  Studying, writing, occasional naps too, and I even went on some exchanges with Sister K in my house because Sister Rasmussen was sick too.  So we went and checked on some of our investigators.  But yeah, Sister Wilson admitted to groaning a lot when she is sick.  And it is true.  She just is always making these pitiful noises.  She says it helps her feel better, and so be it if it helps! bahaha

I also remembered how when I was set apart as a full time missionary, I was blessed with good health.  I have seen that tremendously on the mission.  There hasn't been a day that I haven't been well enough to not work.  What a blessing.  I know God has blessed me that that cause He has got a lot of work for me to do!

This week I went on exchanges with Sister Cox in Santo Tomas.  She is one transfer ahead of me.  It is always interesting being with another experienced sister and seeing how they like to do things.  She is really a talented teacher and tagalog speaker.  I learned a lot about keeping our lessons focused on what they need and making sure they understand the doctrine of it clearly.  Crazy hearing about what it is like to only have a transfer left!

We had missionary leadership council.  Sister Gaspar De Alba, my first trainee, is an STL now!  The meeting was great, the 5 things I will do that I wrote down this time are: 
1. Dont have any fears and trust in the revelation that I receive 
2. Have a better language study, speak beautiful Tagalog!
3. Help my fellow missionaries to progress.  Seek ways to help them improve and reach their divine potential
4. Always be on my spiritual orbit.  Out of the worldly things and continue on a personal spiritual level
5. Become a better leader by being a better example to others.

This week, with few lessons, we visited an active sister's less active husband.  We have visited him a few times now and he is really great, knows the truth, but has had some trials which seemed to have shaken his faith.  This past week we taught the Plan of Salvation to him and his wife.  It was a good lesson, but we felt our invitation to come to church wasn’t as strong as it could have been.  However, Sunday Morning, we sent them a quick text to invite him to church again.  Then we see his daughter walk into the chapel as we greeted members and she said smiling, "Nadito si Daddy!"  Her dad came to church!  For the first time in a long time!  He came in walking like a strong patriarch and his wife told us later on, "It's a good thing you texted us.  When he read it, he went to the bathroom and shaved and then ironed his clothes.  We are so happy he came."  YES.  THE CHURCH IS TRUE.  So happy to have this family choosing the right together.  So much joy in this work, so much joy. :D

Something I have gained in the mission is a stronger testimony of the scriptures.  I love diving in and learning something new every time I read.  So much peace has been brought to me through reading the Book of Mormon.  I remember so vividly, when I would sit on my bed and Dad would sit on the floor nearby and we would read together.  I remember couldn’t understand a thing!  I was always like, ok Dad, so what does that mean?  And he would go on and expound on the verses for me.  Thanks for doing that Dad, it helped a lot!  But now, I just love being able to read and understand and search for more scriptures to teach me more on doctrines.  So neat.  It is amazing how your mind can be opened as you have a greater desire to seek revelation.  

And this past week I had a bad dream.  I dreamt that my other friend was just released as a missionary and when she finished it was supposed to be my turn.  I looked at her and she said, "I had to take my nametag off."  And then I held onto my nametag with all my strength!  I didn't wanna let it go!  I really don't look forward to the day I can't wear it anymore, but it is motivation for me to continue to work hard.  I love this work and I know it is true.  I love you all.  Thanks for all you do.  

Sister Waldrom
2 Nephi 28:30

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