Monday, August 18, 2014

Tatlong Buwan na lang

Greaaaaaaat week!  
 So one of my new all time favorite talks:  "The Challenge to Become" by Elder Oaks.  Shoot it is amazing!  That has been my favorite topic lately, just coming close to the end of the mission, figuring out how to "become" and "progress".  I want to be sure I apply all the things I have learned after the mission too.  I feel like I gain a lot from talks, so thanks for sending your favorites to me!

An amazing skill I have come to understand more, and am seeking to understand more of is Listening.  I was watching the Q&A session from Elder Bednar's book, "Act in Doctrine" and he talks about when we "think" we are teaching, we just talk and talk and talk.  But we need to be better about listening.  He even suggested studying the New Testament and noting every time that Christ is silent and listens.  I plan to study that one day, probably when I am home.  But dang, I just aspire to become a master teacher like the savior!  

We were on a jeepney and then this foreigner hopped on.  Sister Wilson and I get all weird inside when we see them because we don’t know how to act because we both see each other in our whiteness and know we stand out like zombies at the doctor's.  So then his brown friend was sitting next to S. Wilson.  And then she says, "Kumusta" to him and he gives her a weird look, and says, "I am from Thailand..." and we are all like shoot.... And then we start talking in English and it was a grand ol conversation.  But then once some other people got off, his white friend scooted up and started talking like Frankenstein, and come to find out he was from Poland!  Warsaw to be exact and the only city I know of in that country.  How WEIRD.  2 Americans, a polish, and a thai, all speaking english in the Philippines!  But cool thing was is that the Polish said our church was close by to him and he said they missionaries over there have talked to him about Joseph Smith.  Way to go Polish missionaries!  I love the universal gospel.

It is really weird and cool too when we teach lessons that are like in an amphitheater and ten people sit at your feet while you teach them repentance.  That happened this week.  It is quite the spiritual experience to practically give a sermon.

Sister Wilson.  We get along way too well. SHE IS SO FUNNY.  We laugh so hard.  All the time.  I will miss her when I am transferred.  But good thing she is so excited to meet the Waldrom Clan, so we will all be seeing her again soon.  And we will probably sit next to each other on the plane ride home.  muahahha

Last night, we came across this ooooooold women.  She say she is 97, but she cant remember what year she was born in.  WOW.  She lived through both world wars.....  She could barely hear us and she said she was baptized into the church 10 years ago... as an 87 year old woman.  WOW.  And she just kept clapping her hands and looking up at the Lord and saying, "I am so happy!" In english too, and then we started counting, 13 times within our 10 minute visit and she kept trying to feed us.  And then when we said goodbye she gave me the biggest hug and said, "You are my daughter.  I love you!"  I was like, shoot, I love you too!  She was awesome!  And sooooo losing it.  I love fun times like that on the mission!

So I got to go on exchanges with one of my favorite Tongans.  Sister Taufa.  I have been here with her for 3 transfers and she has only been in the mission for 4 transfers and it has been amazing to see her progression!  She desires so much to be a consecrated missionary.  She taught me a lot of how I need to just get to work and save souls!  They have 6 upcoming baptisms in their area and so one of their investigators needed an baptismal interview and I got to be there for it!  Sister Taufa asked me to be the translator and man, I think I can count that as one of my favorite experiences yet!  I saw how I was given the true gift of translating tongues! It was amazing.  Their investigator has been taught for 7 months and has done everything she needed to to be worthy for baptism.  She has such a strong testimony and watching the priesthood check her worthiness was amazing.  I cried.  I haven’t had the chance to be in an interview like that, it was so sacred and special to see this Daughter of God come closer to her Father through this special ordinance.  So excited for her special day to come this Saturday!

Ok, so I have a strong testimony of how effective referrals are.  Dang!  We got one from the office that some other sisters met once.  They are GOLDEN.  The M family.  We taught them Monday night.  Great lesson.  We taught them Saturday night.  Great lesson again.  Then the father came to church!  Amazing!  They are progressing and the message of the Restoration is already changing their hearts.  It is so true!  Oh and it was amazing right as sister Wilson was about to share Joseph Smiths experience in the Sacred Grove, the rain quieted on the metal roof and it was so spiritual.  Their only concern was, "Can we be baptized into your church even if we were baptized in the Catholic church?" We resolved that concern quickly with an astounding YES.  Hoping October 4 really works for them.  Please keep them in your prayers!

Ok so I am definitely not trunky, but I do only have 3 months left exactly.  So at this point in time, I would like to invite each of you to start playing "I'm coming home to you" by imagine dragons and prepping yourselves for the exciting day.  I really am trying not to think about it, but for all of you, it is is totally fine if you start now, so please do so.  It will be a glorious day and I do look forward to it.  I LOVE YOU!

Hanggang sa muli,
Sister Waldrom 
Doctrine and Covenants 58:26-27

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