Monday, August 25, 2014

Fascinating foreigners.

Hello.  This week was quite eventful.  First off, I got a nasty virus on my camera; again, therefore I refuse to send pictures for my remaining time in the mission because of these lame computers in this country.  They are filled with garbage from all the gamers here. And I see it as a wonderful incentive for you to just get even more excited for my homecoming to see my real face!  Muahahaha.   And maybe this way I will have more time for longer emails in order to satisfy my needy mother . >:)

Remember the Sasuya family in my last area?  They were all baptized and basically sent from Heaven for us to help them know the Gospel.  I thought that was a once in a lifetime opportunity, but now I am feeling God's love more than ever, because it has happened again to us here!!!!!!!!  Wow, we are so blessed with such amazing investigators!  The M family; I talked about them last week.  They are so stinking prepared.  Here is a list of their amazingness.  
-the parents read together every night as a couple
-they have changed their prayers to the proper order (Dear Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.)
-Brother M cut his long hair without us even telling him to
-their children are even reading the scriptures
-they all came to church on Sunday and loved it! 
-they came to the youth activity and had the time of their lives and made friends
-they participate in lessons and ask questions when something isn’t clear to them
-they understand our purpose as missionaries for them, they appreciate the changes we are helping them make
-they are allowing the doctrine to change them
-they keep their commitments
-they are so nice, humble, wonderful, happy, and perfect!  I just love them!

Ok crazy experience.  Thursday we had an awesome member take us up to the side of the mountain to teach her referral.  On our way back we were admiring this huge house and she said a foreigner had just built it.  As we walked by the owner was outside!  He was from Kuwait and his wife was Filipina.  We started talking and they spoke English.  They had guessed we were from the UK or something.  They invited us into their large air conditioned home, with a pool and basketball court out back.  As we talked they told us about how they had both encountered missionaries in the past. They were so kind to us.  We had the most interesting discussion of prophets and such.  They were careful to not offend us and we did the same.  I learned a lot about their beliefs.  But I remember vividly the moment the spirit left.  It was when they said, "We believe that Jesus is not the Son of God."  My heart felt as if it was stabbed a thousand times.  I thought, I have spent 15 months serving that person you say is not the Son of God, I know for a surety dependent of any other person that He is the Christ.  That is top of my list of things I have come to understand more of on my mission, the Atonement.  It hurt me that they can't receive the blessings of the atonement in their lives because He was merely a prophet to them.  Our visit was nice and short and instructive, but it did leave me with a sad feeling for them.  It made me even more aware of my purpose here to help invite other unto Christ, and I feel like that invitation was left with this kind family.  Oh one other thing, he said that Christ spoke words right after he was born, so the next morning in companionship study, we sang "Away in a Manger" because we know the true Christmas story ;)

This week we had a little problem that we had to head to another area to help out.  The Sisters were having some major companionship problems from their lack of communication.  It had just reached the end of the rope and they called us in tears.  Then President also came to help.  It was so interesting how the whole situation was handled.  I learned SO much.  I know I will be a much better person, friend, and wife from the things I have learned on the mission about communication.  It was hard to see the sisters so sad and upset but things seem to be better now. I am grateful that they trusted us enough to help them through it, but it was emotionally draining for us too.  They also had baptisms in their area and it was so good to see more children come unto Christ.  Glad everything worked out!

I can say I have changed a lot on the mission.  Before, I hated taking the time to read a book, but now I can't get enough of them!  I have created this long list of church literature I want to read and then I was thinking, how will I get all these books?  But then I had the revelation!  I go to BYU!  I can just get them all from the library and become a thousand times more knowledgeable.  And I so look forward to returning to the religion classes and learning from an educated professor on the depth of the scriptures.  Wahoo!  I am so stinkin lucky!

I am so grateful that I can also consider myself blessed that I have been a member since my youth. I was thinking about it and not many people in the entire world can say that!  I wonder why God put me in my wonderful family and why He has blessed me the way He has.  All I can do is do my best to continually please Him because of all that He has done for me.

I love you all and pray for you daily!
Sister Waldrom
Romans 3:23-26

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