Monday, December 2, 2013

And then the sun comes out

(sorry for the delay in posting.  We have been out of town)
Well, it sure was a great first week in my second area!  Sister Teaotai is an awesome missionary.  She has a few struggles with the language and teaching.  We practice all the time and praying hard to see how I can exactly help her.  She has strong faith and I often times find her studying on her own or praying in our room.  She has taught me so much from her example. 

When I first got here I was a little nervous about our work.  The investigators in our area book seemed like they weren't progressing and I was stressin a bit.  But then on Tuesday night we went to the Priesthood Executive Meeting and I got to meet the bishopric.  They are awesome!  The bishop worked with us all day on our first two days out working... hello awesome bishop!  He is so great and the ward here is so strong.  

And actually get this, before our PEC meeting, there were these two women sitting inside the chapel.  I was new so I just thought they were members after I introduced myself to them.  Then a member mentioned to me they had just walked in a few minutes earlier because they wanted to check out the church.  So come to find out that Lyn Sasuya's friend is a member of the church and told her to go to the church.  She followed her friends counsel and brought her friend, Maryann with her.  We got their information and taught them two nights later.  When we taught our first lesson, Lyn's husband was there and her two children.  Her oldest daughter has Lymphoma Cancer and Maryann's daughter has Leukemia and that is how they met.  They are so receptive and awesome!  Then Lyn and her family came to church on Sunday too!  And they are already praying as a family and reading the scriptures!  Ahhhhh she loves it all.  They are an awesome family, hopefully we can prepare them for baptism soon!!

On Monday, we had a conference with the area president who is in the first quorum of the 70, Elder Brent Nielsen.  It was such an amazing conference.  I learned so much about the atonement and how to help establish the church here in San Pablo.  It was a great way to spend my last day as a teenager!  Sister Gaspar de Alba brought me presents and a huge cake from my last ward!  They are all so awesome, I miss them dearly!  I also got to open a couple packages for my birthday.  Maren sent me an AWESOME package with over 20 letters from my friends at home and serving missions too... When I saw the first couple I just could not stop crying.  All these people actually still care about me!  It was so sweet to read those notes from them all and hear from all my friends serving all over the world!  Maren is the sweetest friend to do that for me and it definitely made my birthday complete!  Crazy to think I am 20 now.  This is an important decade!  But my birthday was well spent by a day full of work.  Nothing will stop us!

So things are going well here in Batangas and I am just feeling the Lord's love and strength daily.  Thanks for all your birthday wishes! 

Mahal kita!
Sister Waldrom
Mosiah 3:19

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