Monday, December 9, 2013


Well, I am just so grateful for Sister Teaotai.  She has taught me so much.  This week she got a UTI (urinary tract infection) and was in soooo much pain, but she just worked through it!  Champ.  Then today when we were discussing what we learned in our personal study, i told her about how i read mosiah 14:3-5.  They are some powerful verses on the atonement and then she started crying after reading them in her language!  She is so receptive to the spirit and desires to be a good missionary so much.  I feel so bad that she struggles so much to participate in our lessons because she cannot understand the people and she speaks little Tagalog, but when she smiles and laughs, the people who meet her just cannot get enough!  I cant either.  It is a blessing and a half to know her, let alone be her companion.  She also said this to me the other day, just so you can get a sense of her humor: "you are so white.  i dont want to take pictures with you.  I wanna ask president for a new companion.  I like the blacks, not the whites." hahahahahahaha

ok, so the Sasuya family.  THEY ARE LITERALLY GOLDEN INVESTIGATORS.  They have come to church for the past three sundays in a row and accepted baptism for the 21st!  Buuuut probably wont happen then cause they gotta do some other stuff first.  But the ward just loves them and they just love learning about the gospel and they just know it is right and i just want them to have an eternal family!!!!  Which they will.  Duh.  But they are a tender, oh so tender, mercy from the Lord. 

So yesterday I gave a surprise talk in Church on how Family Home Evening prepared me for my mission.  holllllaaaa it was mostly in Tagalog!  And it really made me appreciate my amazing family who had fhe every week.  Thanks ma and pa for being too good to me. 

On Saturday we held a family history fireside.  The member who led it was basically so impressed with my 9 generation genealogy chart that she even used my account for the fireside, so now the stake knows my whole name and all my ancestors.... kewl....

And yes this week was another lovely week of getting punted, aka no shows for appointments.  So this week we are going to be doing a lot of finding!  yayayayay. 

Well, family, I hope you know how stinkin much I am looking forward to skyping you.  I will be preparing questions for all of you and write yours down too so I can tell you everything.  I love you all so much and I love being a messenger of truth.  keep rockin yall. 

Mahal na mahal ko kayo,
Sister Waldrom
Mosiah 14:3-5

Morgan and her companion Sister Teaotai

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