Monday, December 16, 2013


Well, my life is just glorious.  I get to skype the fam in a week.  We have a baptism this weekend.  And I am sharing the truth of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  What more could I ask for?  Well, Mission life isn't perfect.  For example, we will start with the sad note first.  Our investigators Mark and Mary Jane.  We have had about 4 visits with them.  Super interested with a ton of questions.  We went to visit them on Thursday and Mary Jane and the kids weren't there... Then Mark went on to tell his story.  He said that a few days prior he got drunk because he doesn't have a job right now.  Mary Jane was angry because he was drunk again and they got in a fight... she even broke all their plates. Then there was a complaint sent on him so he was arrested.  When he arrived back at the house a few days later, the family was gone.  So, he planned his own death.  He didn't know what to do because he cant feed his family or provide as the father.  So he prepared a rope in the upper room of his small home.  Then he said he felt that he just could not do it.  He couldn't stop thinking about his family and how it was important for him to live no matter the trials.  Even though it was hard to keep up with his Tagalog, I felt the need to share 2 Nephi 32:3 about how the Book of Mormon will help him know what to do.  He kept saying he didn't know what to do.  We shared with him how he is just like our Father in Heaven.  He loves his family so much that he would do anything for us.  He is a good father.  He is a good man.  But the trials and circumstances in his life are hard.  He knows the gospel can help him and that's why we are not giving up on this family.  I sure hope his family returns back to him soon. I couldn't help but just cry and cry for the heart ache he felt.  His home felt a little haunting with the thought that he tried to take his own life there.  The happiness, peace, and love were gone.  I can only hope he sees the light of this gospel and finds his way home to our loving father. 

Our investigator Michael, 16 years old, is getting baptized this Saturday!  But get this, he wanted our help as missionaries.  He sees spirits in his home.  Which is not really in line with our beliefs in the church. He is a normal kid, but Filipinos are very superstitious.  And apparently his neighborhood is over an old cemetery soooo..... what.....  Yeah.  Weird.  But he is so ready, prepared and excited to be baptized on Saturday! 

The S family.  My heart fills with happiness when I just think of them.  I love them!  They committed to keep the word of wisdom without a problem.  Even though they love coffee and brother smokes.  GAH EVERYTHING IS JUST SO EASY AND PERFECT FOR THEM.  We taught a lesson on repentance with our bishop.  We focused on the nature of god and you could say we all walked out crying.  So excited for family home evening tonight with our bishopric and their family.  This ward is so awesome at fellowshipping.  I love it all. 

Also, I was just recalling on my favorite Christmas gift.  The only one I can really even remember that impressed me was the beautifully framed picture of the temple Mom and Dad gave me a few years ago.  I think that's the only time I have cried receiving a gift on Christmas.  It is still the best gift god could give us, this gospel.  Prophets, temples, missionaries. All to bring us closer to Him here on earth and to eternal life with him.

Well I wont be emailing next week, so I love you all!  Skype on Wednesday
!  Mahal kita and maligayang pasko!

Sister Waldrom
2 Nephi 32:3

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