Monday, December 30, 2013

team sicky

Ok, remember when I was bragging on skype about not getting sick at all on my mission thus far?  I jinxed myself completely.  Sister Hellewell is strugglin hard core, Sister Teaotai is bed ridden now.  Then I caught the 24 hour flu at the hospital and spread it to Sister Williams and our whole house was dying. Sister Peterson said that was the first time that has happened in the mission.  The irony of my life.
Christmas was nice.  We ate at Sister Mondano's after skype, then for dinner we went to the Evanghelista home.  Good times.  Then Sister Teaotai got really sick.  So on Friday we went to the hospital.  That place is kinda scary.  Definitely not like the hospitals in the states, in my opinion they look more like the insane asylums on deserted islands.  But the doctors are so good, just the facilities, not so nice.  We have an amazing member in our ward who is an OBGYN and is exactly what Sister Teaotai needs.  She does everything for free.  What a blessing from heaven.  She even came to our home and did some IV stuff and shots.  She is the best.  But yeah, so basically this week has been almost no work.  Kinda really sad.  I miss our investigators.  Like so much.  But they still came to church on Sunday, just proves how awesome they all are. 

I am better now, feelin healthy again.  I also go by Doktora Waldrom to Sister Teaotai.  haha awesome. 

Oh on Sunday!  Michael received the priesthood.  YAYAYAY!!!  So happy and excited for him.

We did manage to visit a family of investigators this week.  They are so ready to be baptized, but they just need to be married.  Hmmm... rough stuff.  Not sure what to do because Brother is supposed to be going abroad again to Vietnam.  Gahhhh.  Satan stinks. 

Well, thanks for everything everyone.  The Church is true.  This gospel is our way back home.  If we press forward in faith and endure to the end, we will be happy in the Kingdom of our Father.  So blessed with this lovely knowledge.  Mahal na mahal ko kayo and namimiss ko kayo!! 

Sister Waldrom
Mosiah 7:33

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