Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tender Mercies

What. A. Week.  So honestly this week was just not quite as successful
as I had hoped, a bummer.  But I am doing well.  So here is the low
down of how this week went.

Kenneth. So stinkin awesome.  He loooooves reading the scriptures and
is really excited to be baptized.

Vina and YanYan.  So great.  We taught them and they are so strong!
Vina just applied for a job in Kuwait and got the job, but then she
realized there were some parts about it that she didn't realize and isn't
sure what to do.  She seriously understands the doctrine of the nature
of God.  She is fully aware of how to give her will to the Lord and
trust in Him.  I told her that she really understands how much God
loves us and wants to help us more than any other person I have ever
taught.  After our lesson she started crying because she said we cant
get transferred... I was like, woah, we aren't leaving yet!!!  But we all
teared up.  We sure love her.

On Tuesday we were walking to catch a jeepney and a woman stopped us,
and told us she was a member.  We set an appt for Saturday and it was
such a great lesson.  She lives with another less active member and
they are in such great need of the Gospel right now.  They have many
trials. They must act on their strong faith and come to church!
Great lesson though.

We had new missionary check ups this week.  What a blast.  Got to see
my old companions and all my friends.  Sure love meetings when I can
see everyone.

Also, Saturday night our bishop took us out to dinner to the coolest
and tastiest native restaurant.  It was amazing.  I can't believe how
nice he is!  I loved it.

Ok so on Friday Night I received a surprise phone call from president,
he called to inform me that my grandpa had passed away.  My whole
mission I had figured I would receive that news eventually, but when I
did hear it at first it was like I was just hit by a semi truck.  I
was just speechless but President was sure comforting on the phone.
But what surprised me most was when he said I was allowed to contact
my family.  I asked him how, and he said the same way you did at
Christmas.  So I said Skype?  and he said yes.  What?!  What a dream
come true!  Of course I will skype my parents whenever I can!  It was
seriously such a great experience to be able to talk to both of you
Mom and Dad, to hear all the details from you yourselves.  It was such
a sweet experience for me.  I sure feel blessed to have been able to
hear that you are all ok, and so am I!  So don't worry about me here.
I am grateful that I know God's plan and that finally grandpa has the
opportunity to really listen to the missionaries.  My knowledge of the
Plan of Salvation has really been a comfort to me, like I am not even
emotional!  For anyone who will ever read this, I want you to know
that I don't know much, but what I do know is that God loves us and He
has a very special and beautiful plan for us.  I know I will see
Grandpa again.  Oh how blessed we are!  Well, I thank you for your
concern for me, but don't worry, I am doing so well!  I pray for you
and hope the funeral is a good experience.  Wish I could be there.  I
love you all dearly.

Mahal kita,
Sister Waldrom
Psalm 34:15-19

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