Monday, March 24, 2014


Great week.

Kenneth was baptized!!!  I forgot to mention that when in his practice
interview with us, we asked him if he had ever committed a serious
crime and he said yes.... my heart sunk.  I was like what could this
16 year old boy have done?  Then we asked him what it was and he said
he had drank... We were so relieved!!  That's not a serious crime!
It was so tender.  It was all good and his baptism was great.  The
youth came and supported him and sang in his baptism.  Lovely spirit
and testimony.

This week we met a Nigerian man here for school.  We were OYMing
him on a jeepney and he speaks English so it was cool.  Then we found
out he was a minister for his church... Rhapsody of something.
Sounded interesting.  But I liked this quote he said.  "My life alone
is a testimony."  He kept commending us for our desire to spread the
word of God.  He was so cool and had the biggest hands when we shook
hands...  I completely agree with his perspective.  The way we live should
represent how we follow Christ.
It should be a testimony in itself.  I hope others can observe that by
the way I live my own life.

Sister Sasuya's best friend who lives in Canada was the one who
referred her to the church and she came in town this past week!  So
I got to meet her, so sweet.  She is so strong and I am so thankful
for her sharing with the Sasuyas because they were a blessing and
example to me in my mission.   So in other words, EVERYONE OF YOU
that is out there, lets move on.

One of my favorite things to see on the mission is when investigators
receive a personal witness of the things we are teaching are true.  It
is the sweetest thing for them to receive that answer from the Lord
and know it for themselves without a doubt.

This week we met a family from Poland who is a diplomat in China on
vacation for the Philippines (what...) and they were like the rudest
people ever and it just sums up my love for Filipinos.  I can talk to
anyone here and they are ALWAYS nice.  I LOVE IT HERE.

Mom wanted some more details on my everyday life.  Basically here
goes:  Morning, 6:30 am.  Wake up everyday out of the deepest sleep
thinking it was straight 4 minutes my head was on the pillow.  Go
downstairs.  Sit down and try to wake up.  Do some exercises on the
cold tile.  Eat oatmeal.  And yes I am sick of it.  Then personal
study comes my way and I am happy.  I love reading the Book of Mormon.
I am in 3 Nephi and am loving it.  Then Companionship study. Then
Language study.  Tagalogggggggg.  Then lunch.  Adobo or PB&J are
usually my options.  Then we head out to work.  Our days are usually
booked with appointments but when we get punted (no one is home or
available) we go to our back ups.  Then we come home, plan, eat, and
die on our beds.  And then do it all over again.  WOOOHOOOO I LOVE

And I love all of you.  Life is swell and cant believe i have hit 10
months... Nutz.

Sister WaldromJohn 6:38-40

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